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Another amazing weekend

Posted Sep 01 2008 12:00am
Its funny - in my car, while working, at the store, basically anywhere that I am not able to get to my computer, I think of these wonderful things to say on my blog - great things to tell you, wonderful stories to share, but of course the moment I sit down and start typing I go blank. I will leave you with the highlights...(and now having typed them all I am glad I did not remember everything - this post is already too long)

We have had another great weekend. Dan was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Red Sox game on Saturday. He and Mike left early, hit the brew shop first then headed up to Boston. While there of course they indulged in the local fare (read: BEER) and spent some quality time (read: 6 hours) hanging out, pre-game, at a Landsdowne St bar. From there they strolled (probably stumbled) off to the game to enjoy some of the best seats they have ever had and watch the Red Sox trounce the White Sox (Woo Hoo).

While they were off covorting in Boston, the boys and I enjoyed a day together. I was brave enough to take them both to Walmart in the rain - why would this be hard - you try finding a dry carriage that you can have your toddler sit in, on a rainy Saturday afternoon at the HUGE super Walmart....anyway. Tommy was so good at the store and actually stayed very close to me as we wandered looking for said dry carriage. Of course in the chaos of actually getting the two of them into the store I managed to completely forget about why I was even going there. Mostly we ended up just wandering the store and picked up the few items I could actually remember. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and Tommy blessed me with a 4 hour nap that afternoon and I was finally able to catch up on a little cleaning.

Saturday night my cousin Mike got married and once again I braved the world with my two little men in tow. This turned out to be a little more than I could handle. Tommy, being two, was not having any of that sitting still stuff, and ran amuck with his cousin Max (who is three), fortunately Shannon managed to come to our rescue and took Tommy for an impromtu (but much needed) sleep over (Shannon is my hero!!). The rest of the night was uneventful and it was nice to snuglle my adorable sharply dressed Jack and let him meet some more of his family. I wish I had been able to get better pictures of the two little guys all dressed up, but it was all I could do to keep them close!!

My boys being good while Mommy gets ready

Jack and cousin Michelle finally meet

Sunday was family day - I don't really know what we did other than hang out and play together - but as I said before, those are the best days, and we really did enjoy it!!

Tommy chasing a spider on my kayak

Jack loves the grass

Not too happy about a haircut AND a bath!!


Monday was our perfect ending. We took our little clan over to Brent's place for some "Chillin' an' Grillin'" (Mike said it not me!!) for Labor day. What a great time - we got to see a lot of friends we haven't seen in quite a while and Tommy got to play with his main squeeze Caitlin (even fed her some of his stuffies - budding romance is so sweet). Jack was his cheerful little self and was happily passed around (he really is my lovable little butterball). There was good food, some ok music (really guys Country Western?!), but mostly a lot of great friends to hang out with. Tommy came home very happy, very tired, and very dirty - exactly how a little boy should be after a fun weekend!!

Celia giving Shannon kisses

Tommy taking care of Caitlin's baby


Young love is so sweet. Tommy and Caitlin had so much fun together. I have a million of adorable pictures of the love birds at play but will leave you with the top three.

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