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Another 5K.

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:01am

So last minute I decided that I was going to do a 5K this Saturday with "The Hubby" but since I haven't been training the well or long yet, he's going to run and I'm going to run/walk (mostly walk). We are doing the "Life Without Pain" Fun Run/Walk. So I'm still taking it a little easy but I am going to play racquet ball tomorrow night for a little bit and use the elliptical machine. I have to find time to do some yoga though. I did a little bit two nights ago but not what I normally do. Lately I've been feeling funky and so I decided that I was going to try and eat a lot better.

Lately we, "The Hubby" and I have been having second dinner and it varies but it's usually Streets and I really am tired of eating crap like that. Today after dropping "N" off at school I ran to the grocery store and I bought a ton of veggies, stuff to make healthy wraps and things like that. I have been lacking lately in the eating healthy area since we go to the gym at 5pm so we end up eating out afterwards and it just doesn't taste good. So hopefully the better diet will help with the way I feel. I still need to clean and chop everything but I really just wanted to get stuff put away and get the garbage out so I could get to work.

I do feel nervous about the 5K in a couple of days because I have told people that I'm training for different things and everyone keeps telling me to take it easy. In a way that does make me nervous but I don't know why. I mean here I am for the first time really healthy and I have a new kick in my step, I'm sure that I'm just being paranoid. Yes I play racquet ball but I know that I can't play for the 2 hours we have reserved so I end up playing for about 30-45 minutes and I'm not crazy so I think I'm good and I don't play everyday. I haven't done any serious weight lifting yet (just my daughter when she needs to wash her hands) and with the yoga I'm just stretching and not engaging my abs really.

I did get an offer for my first donation last night and I want to say Thank You to my Uncle Tom! You rock and I really appreciate it! So now I'm closer to my goal but we still have a long way to go.

Remember that you can donate here. For everyone who donates I will not only send you thank you emails but you will also get mentioned with a public thank you here on my site.

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