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....and we're back! 10 ways to Simplify Your Life and Save Money

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:59pm
I tell ya, sleeping with the cute computer geek TOTALLY has it's perks! Seems I had managed to pick up some stinky little virus that, while it was very minor in the damage department, was incredibly stubborn about being removed. Brings me back to my soapbox about why do some people think it necessary to be jerks and create things like computer viruses???? Do they think that things like, oh I don't know, say THE LAW don't apply to them?!!!! How about the 10 Commandments, hmm? Basic human decency? The Golden Rule? Arrrgh!!!

Anywho, in my absence, hubby and I had our 15th Anniversary! Wooohooo! Must say that I find that a fact well worth celebrating, especially these days.:) Go us, go us...:) More on all of that later.

Also, yesterday I went up to help at the girl's school and really enjoyed it. I had volunteered early on and we have a terrific volunteer organizer in our PTA and yesterday was my 1st assigned day. I just helped sort some papers for the classes and put them in the teachers boxes. Nothing big but fun to see more of the inner workings of their school. I am also P1's room mom...more on that later too!

Today I will be taking P3 to the Pedi Opthamologist for a second opinion. Hopefully it will go better that before but we shall have to see. More on that later too.

Busy weekend ahead! P1 is having a much anticipated sleepover at Grammies tonight then P2 has a birthday party at 11 for one of her favorite friends, Emma. She is SO excited and thankfully healthy so she can go because since Emma has no ability to rebound from illnesses, the gift you DON'T want to bring her is a bug! Later at Noon, Mom and I have a baby shower for our awesome chiropractor/friend and his wife then P1 has a birthday party at 4:30. Whew! All of that plus get ready for Sunday and the week to come which is inordinantely busy in and of itself! Should be fun AND exausting! lol

I am going to close this by leaving you a link to a great article I just read on ways to simplify your life and save money. Now just who doesn'tlovethat! Enjoy!

10 ways to Simplify Your Life and Save Money

Happy Friday!!


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