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And We Have a Walker!

Posted Dec 12 2010 11:50am

And I don’t mean that I have a little rug rat that just graduated from crawling, I mean that Chelsea Handler is donating $1500 to buy the walker. Since the range in price for this specialized piece of equipment is 1500-2400, the donations received will go to pay the difference but suffice it to say, we have a walker for the 14-year-old girl.

This is an excerpt from an email between The Regional Center and the director of my preschool: “the therapy walker is adaptive equipment that is facilitated by the School District, they can use it there, but cannot take home. I’m a little embarrassed that [the family] requested such an expensive gift, and please do not feel in anyway obligated to purchase this, According to the Sammons Preston catalog (2007), they range from about $1, 500-2, 400, the website is if you’d like more information, but again I feel this is a lot.” Okay, personally, I can’t imagine wanting only a piece of equipment TO HELP ME WALK for Christmas and it certainly doesn’t seem like too much to ask. A Coach bag for $2,400, maybe. But a walker? I think we can swing it.

SO YAY!!! Thank you Chelsea!! So far we’ve raised 2800 dollars to buy clothes, high chairs, work boots, some top notch marijuana bud (kidding. just wanted to see if you were still reading), crack cocaine (not kidding) (okay, yes I was kidding again), toys for the 5-year-old, jackets, a bike, bedding ( This company: Adirondack Fleece and Sweatshirt Blanket ) are sending blankets to our family! Their stuff is amazing and they are “spreading the warmth”) and tons of other stuff. I know that “things” don’t make life with disabled 10-month-old twins perfect but let’s hope we can cheer them up this year -especially their sweet 5-year-old son Andy.

If you would still like to donate (I will continue to buy the Purple Room family more stuff) you are welcome to until Tuesday night. Every donation over 5 bucks will get a personal shout out from yours truly.

More Amusing Shout Outs!

Farmer’s Daughter is Down homey goodness. If you go there right now there’s a bird’s eye view of the family corn maze. Seriously. They quilt and shit. I love it and want to go live there immediately. If you’re reading this, can I come stay with you? Will you wake me in the morning with fresh brewed coffee and organic eggs? Instead of lip filler do people just let bees sting their lips? Obviously I have questions.

I clicked over to Pink Porches and was immediately greeted by the notion that she has a goat as a pet. I think. I’m really tired. It could be a Guinea pig with horns. Go check it out and let me know what you decide. But seriously, she donated because she gets it. She has a boy with Cerebral Palsy and her last post with the video made me all sniffly.

Jennifer over at Breed ‘Em and Weep is a professional writer and a kickass blogger. I read her fairly regularly (I have three kids people) and follow her on twitter. I suggest you do too. She’s funny, fresh, interesting and her blog is pretty.

So I go over to this blog The Robbin’s Nest not expecting much because when I asked her what I could pimp she was all “who me? my little blog? it’s nothing really” but I check it out and BAM cutest. baby. ever. on the first post. Plus, she’s also OCD and a control freak just like me. She’s hoping that maybe next year, she’ll let her older daughter help put ornaments on the tree. Baby steps.

This next website will blow your mind: The Bindlestiffs are crazy circus people, but they’re also so much more than that: a loving couple with a fondness for partying and barely making rent. Watch these webisodes professionally edited by a television producer and you will be wondering why the Bindlestiffs don’t have their own show a la Dog the Bounty Hunter etc. I want to personally make them famous. I’m trying to figure out a way. Maybe you could spread the word?

When I think of Northampton, I think of underarm hair and bead stores but when you think of Northampton I hope you think of Karen at Gentle Balance Birth . Karen is a midwife who is determined to give you your birth your way and not the hospital’s way, the doctor’s way, your mom’s way etc. If you live in the area, you should check her out since she’s obviously really nice (hello, she made a donation to MY CAUSE).

Next up is the blog Mosey Along . The author describes herself as “battling occasional bouts of melancholy.” Yes, I think we can all relate to that. She’s also an amazing photographer and Canadian but living in San Fran with a British husband. Color me jealous.

I love this next blog. The author was my most recent DGDF contributor. Do you want to think? To Feel? To be inspired? To shed a tear? To fully and wholly relate? Go to No One Here To Save and you’ll end up spending the day there like I did.

Take one mom, put her in a bar around a lot of drunks and listen to HER life story for a change and you’ve got Punky Mama . Her tag line describes her blog better than I could: Slam Dancing through parenting, ADHD, food allergies, epilepsy and more. Again, I wouldn’t have known about this blog if she hadn’t made a donation but it’s so good I bookmarked it. I hope you will take a minute to check it out.

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