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And they finally get along with one another...all because of Mr Potato Head

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:55am
Cole and Bella fight like cats and dogs....all the time. I mean, everything...EVERYTHING is a fight between them. It could be something as simple as deciding whose turn it is to help me with dinner....doesn't matter. I've learned to anticipate fights with every little thing.

The thing that really chaps my hide (chaps my hide...what does that even mean?) is that they KNOW BETTER. I'll pull them both aside and say, "How many times have I told you to treat each other the way you would want to be treated...would you want someone grabbing a toy away from you? Would you want someone pushing you out of the way when you were first in line?". They both sulk and say "no, of course not". So what's the lesson here, kiddos? "Treat each other the way we would want to be treated". YES! Five minutes later they're back to arguing, yelling, screaming and telling on each other again. It's enough to make me want to retreat to....I don't know....say, the Bahamas. Oh wait, that's something I want to do every day regardless of what the kids are doing.

So the other day, they were fighting....again....and so I said, "Alright...enough!! I'm going to get the playdough out and you both are gonna take out your aggression and anger on the playdough...and here's the thing....I want you both to sit next to each other nicely and WORK TOGETHER to make something with the playdough". Cole said, "But...." and I said, "no buts"....and they both laughed hysterically...."you said 'no buts'....". I guess if I was 4 yrs old I might have found that funny too.

As I was digging around in the toy cabinet, I came across a Mr Potato Head playdough set that they had received for Christmas that had never been opened. They were all excited to get their little grabby hands all over that stuff. I reminded them that they had to work together, peacefully....that was the key.

After 10 minutes of almost complete silence (holy I actually hear dogs barking that what it sounds like when the icemaker drops ice into the bucket in the freezer?), they continued to work together while concentrating on their collaboration.

And here is the result of their hard work:

Yeah, freakin scary, isn't he? Kinda looks like our mailman...but I digress....the point is they were able to work together nicely for a whole 10 minutes putting this guy together.

I was all smiles and said, "See....look how much fun you both have together when you're getting along....wasn't that fun?" They both smiled. Cole said, "Yeah, it was fun" and Bella said, "I had fun too....and you know what? We even agreed on what we should make". I couldn't help but be proud of myself for thinking of this awesome idea....until Cole said, "we agreed that we should make a Potato Head that looks like YOU when you're mad at us".

Gee, thanks, guys....I think I liked it better when you were conspiring against one another.
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