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And Then There Were Blogs

Posted Dec 15 2010 2:04am

I’m done taking your donations. That’s it. We’re good. Better than good, we’re overflowing with gifts for the families. If you’re not convinced you took part in a fantastic thing, here’s an email from one of my very favorite Sage Academy teachers: “I just wanted to say thank you so very much for inspiring your readers to contribute to the families that Sage is sponsoring. It’s wonderful to know how many caring and generous people there are out there! This is going to be the best Christmas for my very own family, just to be a part of it all. I can’t wait to see the faces of *****’s lovely parents, when they realize how much people cared about them! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” That teacher “adopted” the family with the girl who is getting the therapy walker (again, thank you Chelsea Handler) and she as well as everyone at Sage is excited about this Christmas. Tomorrow I will get back to my regularly scheduled program of snarkiness.

Here’s a must check-out blog called Bullies, Waterbeds and Eyeliner . Written by Courtney Rundell this blog reads like a novel that you won’t be able to put down. Here’s the first line from her “about” section: “I didn’t smoke a cigarette at ten-years-old hoping that by fourteen I’d be fucking a drug dealer for cocaine on his waterbed with my best friend watching. This was not a place I went to with rationale or intention. Just like moving to Reno.” Get ready for Courtney to rock your world.

Raising Zoey Jane . She’s raw. She’s poetic. And she’s nekkid. Seriously. Go see. A brave blog by a kickass writer I’ve been reading for awhile. Yeah, I have. Where have you been?

Robin of the life with three girls blog Robin’s Chicks cracks my shit up on twitter where she tweets as @robinobryant. She’s a humor columnist in a house full of vaginas. If you want a warm, witty humor blog with lots of girly moments check her out.

Also, a gracious donor who does not have a blog would like us all to know that if we have tax needs please think of H&R Block! Apparently, they are good people!

Laughs! Thrills! Pathos! is the end all be all of blogs from Brits that I’ve read. Admittedly I haven’t read many not because I don’t love British blogs because clearly I do but because I don’t get out much in the blogging community. Listen, the only reason I can tell she’s British is her kids call her mummy and she likes tea. Start with her latest post about her son being a liar liar pants on fire and you’ll be into the Brit bloggers as well!

Again with Red Neck Mommy is fierce. Redneck Mommy is powerful. Redneck mommy is purty. Seriously, she’s going to be elected to the bloggy hall of fame if she keeps up this damn do-gooding. She’s recommended me to her followers on her blog and on twitter and got us so many donations she deserves to go with us to drop the goodies off. Too bad she lives all the way in fricking Canada. Move here Redneck Mommy and be Malibu Mommy.

Jennifer over at New Baby News told me “If you mention me please talk about how I’m awesome and a surrogate mom and smell like cookies and not that I recently had a fake heart attack. *shame*” Jen, your secret’s safe with me. Seriously you guys, Jennifer is super funny and great. One time she left me a comment on my blog that was so funny I may have been forced to use and LOL.

Valary at Valary Dreyer Photography , has a photography site. It’s pretty amazing especially the black and whites which I am a sucker for. I see a lot of photos and trust me when I say this site is worth a view.

I want to tell you about a site that was brought to my attention the other day and I can’t believe that our blogging community isn’t aware of it yet. The blog is Kennedy Bonomo a chronicle of a little girl with a very ugly diagnosis. The blog was sent to me by a donor named Jennifer whose photography site Jennifer Bagwell Photography features many gorgeous pictures of Kennedy and her family. These two women have an amazing friendship that began when both were pregnant with their first child. Please go visit both of these sites, give Kennedy’s family some love and spread the word.

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