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And then I got old

Posted Sep 06 2012 6:33am

First of all, let me just say I feel like a tool writing about my birthday. Clearly the topic has been covered ad nauseum, but I’m so tired and I just can’t be sparkling and brilliant right now! Apologies. But anyway, let me tell you having a birthday when you’re a social media whore is fun!  I’m sure you read Emily’s mortifying touching post about my birthday, and my Uncle Paul wrote one as well  over at Redneck Latte Ravings.  My Facebook notifications were going cray-cray all day with all the birthday love!  And then, there was twitter and instagram!  So. Many. Wishes!  It was great! Even GOOGLE knew it was my birthday!

But it was also a very normal day.  And that was good. I was in a rush to get to the grocery in the morning because I wanted to get there before the really creepy people that go to my Kroghetto got out of bed (the skeev factor goes up significantly after 11 a.m.) and just after 9, as I was slapping on my final coat of lip gloss, my cell phone rang.  It was my friend Celia and I figured she was calling to tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY but turns out, she had a flat tire and three kids that needed to get to school! So Jonah and I ran to pick them up and came to the rescue, got the kids off to school, Celia got a tow, and Jonah and I headed off to Kroghetto.

WHERE, I rocked the Mega-Event and saved 43% on my shopping trip! Woot! And then, after I put the groceries in the van and put the cart away, I found someone had left a FREE MICROWAVE in the cart corral!

Happy Birthday to me!

Just kidding, I don’t touch dirty microwaves left in the Kroghetto parking lot.  Even though, my friend Matt told me I could’ve gotten a few bucks for the scrap copper in the motor.  Ummm. Pass.

After Kroghetto, I did some work for my you know, job, took care of Jonah, ate a very unhealthy lunch, and abstained from doing the dishes.  Then when the big kids got home it was homework time.  Just another day in the life.  But it was good!

Since my birthday fell on a Wednesday, it also fell on swimming lessons night for the big kids!  So, Bobby sweetly took all three kids to lessons so that I could go out to dinner with my girl, Cortney.  We had a great time, and when I exited the restaurant, I was greeted by this in the sky:

Birthday rainbow, yo! Rock on!

It was a great day. Here’s to an even better year.  With many more Instagrammed pictures of my face to make Emily’s each and every day complete. You know she secretly loves it!  But just to show her it’s not ALL about my face…I did leave this post mug-free. YOU’RE WELCOME!

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