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And the next day

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:11pm
Things are looking a wee bit brighter. I can see the sky through the clouds. But not much. It's a pretty overcast day here in Sarf-East Landan. My diary is filling up nicely. I never really used a diary before, but that was when I lived life by the seat of my well-worn pants. Now I'm all efficient, it's a whole new more irritating version of me. My phrase of the day is: "Just let me get my diary."


"Just let me write that down on the calendar."


"Do you want a glass of wine?"

Small quiz

Which of these answers is true?

a) I miss my neighbours.
b) I miss the dog poo.
c) I miss walking into a bar, museum, newsagents where I know the people around me.
d) I'm entirely amused by everyone in London.
e) Jack is already speaking with that loud proclamatory fashion children use down t'ere.
f) I mowed the lawn yesterday.
g) I have a mum date today.
h) I haven't had a date in months.
i) Even with a Tom Tom I am still getting lost.
j) Yesterday I was charged £1 for driving down a quiet road.
k) Swimming in Manchester is almost free. Swimming in London is a bloody rip off.
l) The elimination process for a male au pair has begun.

My favourites are the clever good-looking ones.

The Manchester Blog Awards are open for nomination. I don't know if I qualify, so forget me. Instead go to Manchizzle to find out more, read some great Manchester Blogs and nominate them. And take a look at Manchester Literature Festival for some jolly good things to do.
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