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And I was Thinking it Could be a Hot Flash....

Posted Nov 01 2009 10:01pm
Claire is home from the hospital and doing great. I’m still concerned about her risk of being exposed to H1N1 in school but she is probably safer there than at the hospital. To get to Claire’s room I had to walk past the room across the hall with the airborne droplet warning. I don’t really understand why the hospital didn’t have all the flu patients at the end of a hallway away from everyone else. I’m just happy we made it out without any of us contracting the flu.

In the last few days Marin has learned that there are buttons to push on the thermostat. Anyone that has spent any time with a toddler understands that buttons are just asking to be pushed. Repeatedly. The house was up to eighty degrees when I figured that one out. Now I have to constantly check the thermostat since Marin is an unstoppable force.

Marin has also decided that she likes her little potty now. Unfortunately she likes to move her potty into the living room as well. A couple of days ago Marin put her potty on the living room rug and happily sat on it. Then she must have decided that she was done a little prematurely because she called me saying, “Poop. Poop floor.” Sure enough, there was poop on the rug. The next day she did it again, despite my request bordering on begging to please, for the love of God, please poop on the potty.

Marin has continued with her mobile potty program. It’s really a sort of porta-potty without benefit of walls. We can all share the view of a naked toddler sitting on the potty. The fact that she insists on disrobing entirely kind of makes sense. After all, it’s after she has turned the heat up to ninety.
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