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Posted Jul 07 2008 7:13pm

Coupon Codes Mall for me is a new site with great resources. If you are a frequent reader then you know how much I love my coupons and how I love to save every penny I can on an item. Heck, who doesn’t it? If you don’t well then I wish I had money like yours!

Coupon Codes Mall has a great resource for the millions if not billions of Amazon customers. TheirAmazon Couponpage is filled with hundreds of coupons you can find through the percentage off.  Being me of course I went straight to the 90% off. They had an amazing collection of suits. I am so bookmarking this page, I have been wanting to get Fil a suit for the longest time. Every man needs a staple suit that he can wear to any occasion. Wedding or funeral. We always are on short notice for the latter so I think having one so we don’t have to keep going out the night before and getting everything ready for the funeral/mass the next day would be a lot nicer than running around like a chicken without our heads.

They had a gorgeous collection of Cuff Links, belts and even dozens of items for women. For their 90% off section I found through this website they had almost 400 items I could get at a steal! I was in heaven let me tell you! Granted some of the search results did not bring up 90% items but still they were an amazing steal! However, Amazon needs to get its act together their furniture and decor section brought up cellphone chargers! However, sifting through I did find a few nice finds.

Check out the site today and tell me which other places you found through them that had some amazing steals!


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