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Amazingly Fun Preschool Games from the Wonder Forge

Posted Jan 14 2011 4:51pm

I come from a family of board-game lovers.  As a kid, I ate up the old-school Memory and Sorry games; as an adult, I love Yahtzee and all things Trivial Pursuit.

In light of this, I have an astonishing confession to make: I have thrown away more than one preschool board game of Joshua’s when he was little.  Because, they were just TORTURE to play.  Too long, too complicated, and ultimately just more stressful than fun!

So, when Sophie started expressing an interest in playing games, I was hesitant.  But, then, one day on a play date at Cortney’s , she fell in love with this game:

More accurately, she fell in love with it and then batted her long eyelashes and convinced Cortney to let her “borrow” it (which means we kept it and I bought Cortney’s boys a new one!).  But that ended up working out really well, because it is FUN to play!  Every member of our family (well, not the baby) really enjoys playing it.  It is SO age-appropriate for Sophie, but still fun for the rest of us.  Turns out, Cortney had received this game to review from the Wonder Forge , the genius creators of said game, and so she passed on my info to them and soon, a box of MORE wonderful games arrived at my door!  In the past week, we have had a great time playing with them as well!

Sophie really loo-oo-ooves this “What’s in the Cat’s Hat?” game as well!  It’s a fun game that combines sensory activities and guessing and careful thinking and reasoning, even!  It’s another one that our family enjoys, and it is really simple to learn, set up, clean up, and start playing.  Also, it doesn’t take long to play which means you can play several times in a row and still have time to get on with the rest of your life. :)

Another game we received and have really enjoyed is the Curious George Matching Game:

This is one of my favorites because matching games were my forte as a child.  I pretty much dominated in the matching game arena. :)  Sophie, Joshua, and I all love playing this together.  There are a LOT of cards though, so I suggest breaking them up into two sets if you don’t have a lot of time to play.  Sophie loves the TV show on PBS so she has a lot of fun finding matches of all her favorite folks, from the Man in the Yellow Hat to Chef Pasketti and Gnocchi that cat!

Finally, another one that’s really fun to play is the Discovery Garden.

It’s basically identical to the Curious George Beach Discovery game that Sophie first fell in love with, but with a garden instead of a beach.  There are lots of critters and tools to find – great learning for Sophie since her mama has not exactly exposed her to gardening much. :)  As a matter of fact, Sophie is bugging me to play this RIGHT NOW – so I gotta go – but go check out all the great I Can Do That! games from the Wonder Forge (you can buy them on Amazon) and bring some of this great, age-appropriate fun for your preschooler into your home – it will be fun for ALL of you, I promise!


The Wonder Forge sent me three games to review.  This post and the opinions expressed in it are all my own.

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