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All Ribbons and Bows

Posted May 20 2009 1:24pm


I've been going a little bow-crazy lately, what with spring and all.  I get so excited to see all the fresh, tender colors of spring that I feel it necessary to mimic nature with my little textile creations.


Here's a little sneak preview of what my girls' Easter dresses will look like...a bit unconventional in the colors, but still within the spring spectrum, I think.  Tomorrow morning I'll try and get some good shots of them wearing their sweet little dresses.


Last week I made a bunch of hair bows, some for my own girls and some for my adorable little nieces.


I love these sweet and simple bows.  I hot-glued the appliques onto the ribbon.  Thanks, mom, for letting me go through your sewing collection when I was home this past winter!  Mom has had these appliques for years, it's good to see them put to use.  I've admired them for years, too, but just didn't know quite what to use them for.  Now I know.  :-)


That cute little heart button is from mom's stash too.


I adore the colors pink and red together.  When I was little, that combination was definitely NOT acceptable, but I sure am glad it is now!  I see pink and red together all the time now, and I love it.



I didn't want my darling little nephew to feel left out, so I made some dapper bow ties for him too.  I had made him some tiny ones when he was a baby, but he's growing so fast they're too small now.

I posted a tut on how to do these bowties awhile ago, for a quick reference click here.

For my tut on how to make the bows, click here.


I was getting very weary of sewing each one of these clips on to the back of my bows, so I gave hot glue a try and I'm very happy with the results!  Put a tiny dab of glue under the end with the large hole, and squish the clip down into the hot glue so that it oozes out the hole a bit.  This will prevent it from pulling away, as hot glue typically doesn't hold metal all that well.


Here's a closer shot of that ooze-glue effect.  On the other end, very carefully place a small dot of glue exactly where you want it and press down firmly, making sure the glue oozes up and over the edges a bit to hold the tip in place.  Just be sure that the glue doesn't accidentally ooze down toward the part of the clip that snaps open. 

This method is MUCH easier and faster than sewing those little doosies by hand!


The lighting is all wrong on this picture (can't wait to get a new computer that can handle the load of a real photo editing program!  Our computer is 7 years old, and the memory on it is completely FULL) but here is a hilarious picture of Hazel's bedhead.  This is why she needs those bows!


"Please, mama, PLEASE do something about my hair?!"

Actually what she's doing is begging for another treat.  Yes, I bribe my children into posing for the camera sometimes.  Whatever it takes, right?  This picture cracks me up.

I have more to share soon, so check back in a day or two!

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