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Alec Loorz: A Kid on a Mission to Curb Global Warming

Posted Jul 22 2009 11:42pm

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I had the pleasure of seeing Alec Loorz speak and show his film at the Telluride Mountain Film festival, a documentary film festival chock-full of disturbing and inspiring content from around the globe. Alec is fourteen and is quickly becoming the Al Gore of his age group. In fact, he is now the youngest trained presenter for Al Gore’s The Climate Project.

Alec, a resident of Ventura, CA, founded Kids vs Global Warming when he was 12 years old after watching Al Gore’s film, “ An Inconvenient Truth “.  Since then, Alec has spear-headed multiple global warming education projects around Ventura County and inspired hundreds of other kids to do the same in their communities across the nation. One project, cleverly named S.L.A.P. (Sea Level Awareness Project), educates people on what future sea levels will look like in coastal communities due to global warming. To do that, Alec and a team of volunteers posted signs throughout Ventura beach and city to show people what areas would be under water by when. S.L.A.P. is now expanding to coastal areas in Washington DC, NY, and throughout CA.

Alec also authored the “ Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels “, available for people of all ages to sign on the website.

Most impressive is Alec’s film “ iMatter “, an eye opening, entertaining, and informative short built to inspire youth to action-and his Gore-like (for kids) presentation.  Alec got a standing ovation from the audience at Telluride Mountain Film. Watching this confident, optimistic 14-year-old kid fire up a room of 600 people with his talk and film gave me hope that the next generation might actually have a chance at reversing some of the damage ours has done. Alec is now The Climate Project’s youngest trained presenter.

Alec, keep up the good work. Can I ask your parents a few questions on how they raised you?

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