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Agape Golden's is Back in Business!

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:34pm

After an extended Sabbatical following losing two of our golden retriever's, Rhett and Sunshine, this past Spring, Agape Golden's made a nursing home visit today with our newest pooch. She's not a golden retriever, but she has a heart of gold for sure!

Our Bella Rose was a hit with the residents in Brookhaven today. We picked her up a precious green and pink dress over the weekend to wear today, and Dacey dressed to match. Dacey even went as far as putting her hair up in "puppy ears" to further their "twinkie" appearance. The folks we visited really seemed to appreciate their effort. Bella Rose was a natural and made many new friends. I'm very proud of her!

Someone asked if we would change our name since we aren't using golden retrievers anymore. The answer is no. First of all, "Agape Cockers" just doesn't sound right. Second, our golden girl, Scarlet, will still make visits with us periodically. And third and most important, Agape Goldens was founded on the basics of using agape which translates "unconditional love" with the principals of the "golden rule" which is to "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you". That is what AGAPE GOLDENS is all about.

Usually after we have made a therapy dog visit, I feel like I was ministered to more than having ministered to others. I leave feeling encouraged and lightened. People are so appreciative and their reception makes it so worth while.

Rhett was by far the best dog I have ever had. I loved him so much... like a member of the family. I miss him every day. He had hip dysplasia and we were finally left with no choice but to relieve him of his pain and suffering. It was a very hard decision to make. He was a dearly, loved friend and my shadow every day of his life from the time he was six weeks old until he left us.

I think because of Rhett's loss, I had been scared to let my heart completely wrap around little Bella Rose up until now. Over the past several days she has melted me and I am hers now. I hope and pray we have her and can enjoy her for at least the next fifteen years. She is a sweetheart and a full fledged member of our family!

Below are some pictures of Rhett. He was one in million and I'm so glad we had him for the time that we did.

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