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Adrian Mole’s Secret Diary - 13 ¾ Years, by Susan Townsend

Posted Aug 26 2008 12:29pm

This is the 1st book in Adrian Mole’s Diaries series. I’ve heard of it before, but only recently borrowed from my sister.

Before reading, I was a little skeptical as I disliked the Bridget Jones’s Diary , and didn’t finish reading.

Unlike BJ’s Diary, Adrian Mole’s Diary really reads like a real diary. It is so hilarious and honest (though made up, of course!). The character was brought to life by Susan Townsend. I couldn’t stop imagining the person is real. The diary reveals his family problem, his crush on Pandora, his trouble at school, his ambition, etc.

It describe what typical teenagers would do and face in their teenage life, which made me recall how I was at that age. Adrian is a little more mature than I was at 13/14 years old, I guess. :P

It is a light reading material. As it is written like a diary, it is easy to pick up and put down, then continue reading again some time later. It is definitely worth reading.

My Score: ***1/2

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