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AcceptEdge Helps Students Find Their Best Fit Within a College Subculture

Posted Sep 24 2009 10:03pm

Students Find Their Best Fit Within a College Subculture Based on Profiles of Previous Students At Specific Schools

AcceptEdge, a new service that aids students and parents through the stressful college admissions process by analyzing applicants’ social and academic profiles, social networking profiles and personal interests to find their college counterpart officially launched today. AcceptEdge also unveiled the first-ever real-time ranking system that gives students an idea where they stand among this year’s pool of college applicants.

The timing of this powerful service is critical in today’s economic climate, as the college admissions process is extremely labor-intensive and costly, presenting many students and families with the most important financial decision they will make. AcceptEdge provides a cost-efficient tool to help ease the stress of this process and to celebrate its introduction, AcceptEdge is offering many of its college matching services for free.

AcceptEdge can help students and parents make informed, fact-based decisions on how to focus the applicants’ curriculum and extracurricular activities around existing college students who have gone through the process and enjoy the university they attend. AcceptEdge also keeps universities interests in mind by helping to pair students to the proper university, which in turn helps minimize the number of transfers and drop outs.

Two entrepreneurs in their early twenties recognized the need to improve the college admissions process after enduring their own trials and tribulations of the system and later founded AcceptEdge.

“After going through the college admissions process, we were both left wondering why the process felt like a one-way conversation, said Max Hodak, co-founder and biomedical engineering student at Duke University. “We’ve since gathered a ton of information for high school graduates to reference and compare in order to help them make an educated decision about which college is their best fit.

AcceptEdge has built a massive database of information from existing college students who shared information about their test scores, activities, interests, social networking profiles and even music playlists through online surveys. AcceptEdge uses this social data in conjunction with traditional admissions data to build a profile of the ideal college applicant at several hundred colleges and universities throughout the United States, with plans to expand their reach to over 2,500 schools in the next year.

“The information we’re sharing on social networking platforms can tell far more about an individual than SAT scores and academic record, said Jason Mueller, AcceptEdge co-founder and business development student at North Carolina State University. “So we developed a process where we can quantify the social and personality aspects of an applicant and use the data to help make the right college match.

When college applicants visit the site, AcceptEdge prompts them to enter their test scores, grades, information from social networking profiles and subjective qualities and activities, such as music interests and current high school, to analyze against the profiles of students already attending universities and colleges. The more information a student can provide, the more accurate AcceptEdge can be in accessing a university of the best fit. This process also gives real-time answers as to how students stack up against a pool of other applicants at institutions that interest them, helping them uncover their college counterpart.

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