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About Babies Teething

Posted Sep 06 2010 3:03am

The teething stage will start when your baby reaches two months of age.  Your baby will begin to drool at first and it is recommended that you place a bib on your baby to stop any irritation that could happen from the wetness.

When you baby is able to grip a rattle they are old enough to hold a teething ring.  It would be a great idea to have a couple in the fridge for hen you baby needs them.  It is not a very great idea to freeze the teething ring because it could cause the babies gums to be frost bit.

Usually the first tooth will appear around six to nine month.  But if you or any of the siblings of your baby has had teeth come out at an earlier age your baby may also.  When your baby's teeth erupt they need to be cleaned.  You can clean your baby’s teeth using a washcloth or a soft toothbrush. 

When your child has many teeth that have erupted you can begin to introduce flossing.  This can also help them fine tune their fine motor skills.  Studies done by the American Dental Association have proved that; tooth brushing alone only removes about forty percent of food that will stick to them.  When flossing is not done daily cavities will appear sooner.

Children should see their dentist two times in a year.  The very first time should be when they are able to sit for ten minutes.  This needs to be done by the time your child turns three years old.

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