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A Year of Reflection

Posted Jan 02 2013 12:00am

Every year end, I reflect on the year previous, and I write an incredibly long post, highlighting 5-7 of my favorite posts from each month of the last year. I love to do it - but it's a) super time consuming and b) I wonder if anyone actually reads it, kwim?

I asked on the Mom to the Screaming Masses Facebook page - you all have liked that page, yes?? - and the response was about 80/20 in favor of it - and so I decided to do it.

I decided this on, I think, Saturday or Sunday. Today is Wednesday.

It's not that I don't want to do it - it's that I don't have time. Seriously. Which is SUCH a first world problem. Oh, me - look at me, I'm SOOOO busy. Gah.

But I really like reflecting - filling out the new year's calendar by tranferring stuff from the last year's is one of my favorite things about a new year - and so I decided upon a compromise. (Or, I read where someone MUCH smarter than I am did something really cool and I decided to follow her steps. You be the judge.)

2012 in one long run on sentence - Lose a job, take on a few freelance clients, no sleep, trips around the country, attend conferences, apply for multiple jobs, worry about money, meet some fantastic new friends and cement old friendships solid , get super hurt by the actions of a few, spend a ton of money on glasses and medicines for kids, no sleep, began to work funeral ministry(37 total for last year), performing arts school for one, new instruments for three, drive a motorcycle , race cars on a test track, cleaned the church (almost) weekly, land a fantastic job with a company I've wanted to work for several years, no sleep.

2012 in a few posts - the ones that were the most popular or struck a chord with many of you:

We Take it on Faith

Picture Me

Hello Guilt, My Old Friend

Once Upon a Time, Stagecoach Driver was a Real Job and Airline Pilot Wasn't

The Privilege of Being Judgemental

We are all Special Snowflakes

A Glimpse into the Future

Things I did in 2012 that were AWESOME

Met two new fantastic friends that have become two of the people I turn to most in life with questions, comments or concerns. Got a third tattoo . Put blue in my hair . Put some more .

Things I did that were not awesome:

Reinjured my previously torn calf muscle, lost my job, stopped taking boxing class. Started a small riot when I mentioned that someone made a rude comment to me. Went to a Renaissance Fair that was a huge letdown.

Places I traveled:

Puerto Rico with my husband, San Jose for Invisalign, Dearborn for Ford, Nashville for Blissdom, New York for Blogher, Baltimore for Fitbloggin'. Love me some travel.

Places I wrote that won't continue in 2013 - Redbook, Cafe Mom, Diets In Review.

My weight was up. My weight was down. I went to Zumba obsessively. I took Crossfit and Core classes and walked as much as I can and tried not to obsess on the rest.

It was a pretty good year, I think.


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