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A Winter Solstice Celebration by DiDi LeMay Giveaway

Posted Dec 03 2010 3:46pm

We saw a few adults and children walking through the cornfields towards the forest,” chirped the sparrows. “Yes, the humans are defiantly coming to the forest.”

The fox and the bear cub gasped in surprise. The chipmunk stopped dancing and nervously paced up and down the fallen tree trunk. The fawn giggled anxiously, and the squirrel and the owl had deep frowns on their faces. They were very worried.

“Do you know why these humans are on their way?” asked the squirrel.

“No, we don’t,” twittered one of the sparrows. “We did notice that they have large bags with them.”

“Do they have axes and saws with them?” asked the owl, her voice trembling with anxiety.

“We couldn’t see any,” replied the sparrows. “We circled around a few times, but we couldn’t tell if they had axes or saws.”

“Are the villagers coming to chop down the trees?” asked the fox. This was very alarming.

Author DiDi LeMay understands how to bring real world situations to the minds of our children. She accomplishes this task in A Winter Solstice Celebration. Miya is a little girl with a lot of heart and courage. She travels through the woods to feed the animals and has several different encounters with them. Along the way she learns about the animals fears for their environment because the humans have been invading it. It is up to Miya to bring this news t othe villagers so they can stop encroaching on the environment and start treating it with respect.

Our impact on the environment is huge and DiDi LeMay gives us parents a wonderful way to introduce this concept to our children. I highly recommend A Winter Solstice Celebration for the story and the values.

One lucky Pajama Mommy reader is going to win a copy of A Winter Solstice Celebration!


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