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A tropical oasis awaits me…

Posted Mar 23 2010 5:00am
Anyone who knows me is fully aware of how much I enjoy the beach!

Everything about it spells “relaxation” to me...the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the scent of sea salt in the air, palm trees swaying in the breeze, the softness of the sand under my feet and the squeals of hungry seagulls soaring above.

Is Tim a fan of the beach? Not so much. He hates the messiness of the sand, the sun is NOT his friend and he has a tremendous fear of sharks.

As if sharks can crawl their way onto the shore? Whatever....

So I figured it was time to bring the tropical oasis TO me. Now, let me just put it out there and say, we did not hire a professional landscaper…just act surprised, okay?

Remember that friend who came over and helped clean our house before the party a couple weeks ago? That same friend came over and helped me dig holes for the trees!

How do you repay a friend who has helped you so much? I tried to give her my first-born but she refused. She asked for the third-born instead but I’m kind of attached to him.

I’m still nowhere near finished…we still have to add shredded bark, more shrubs and a small waterfall but it’s coming along nicely.

I was hoping to put plumerias around the palm trees but no such luck finding any…so I settled for marigolds, which the kids named.


I just love the look of the palm trees! The yard already looks so much better…and I love the sound of the leaves blowing in the wind.

If I close my eyes for just a minute, I can transcend myself to a deserted island beach…and then I’m quickly snapped back to reality when I hear, “Mommy, Bella put her butt on my pillow so you need to wash it”.

Oh, and no earthworms were harmed at any point during this backyard renovation.

Bella was on patrol taking note of each and every earthworm that was uncovered, Cole and Landon were responsible for moving the earthworms to safer ground, and Garrett was the one screaming “eeewww, gross” the whole time.


If you’re wondering about the bathroom remodel…well, that’s come to a screeching halt.

Why, you ask? It’s simple.

Tim no longer has a deadline. We were trying to rush to get it done before Garrett and Landon’s party but Tim barely got the toilet attached to the floor before guests started arriving.

Maybe he’ll have it done by the time Cole and Bella graduate from high school. All in good time, right?

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