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A Trip Away

Posted Feb 06 2014 12:00am

I was last minute invited to New York City on a sponsored trip. Without thinking too much about it - I think it took five seconds - I said yes. I badly needed to get away.

I cannot overemphasize that enough.

I am really good trying to find peace where I can find it – taking the time to have a cup of coffee, going out to lunch with a friend,spending a few minutes reading. But sometimes, you just need to get away and decompress, and a sponsored trip is almost dropped in your lap -

And I took it and ran.

I was concerned about flying - I have terrible travel karma, and if something bad is going to happen, be it a delay, a malfunctioning tram, TSA screening - it's going to happen to me. And I was traveling to a city that is rarely phased by weather, yet there was snow and ice, and everything was shut down.

A Trip Away

Despite this, I almost no issues. I was booked on a 6 a.m. flight that was rescheduled to noon, but I landed with absolutely no trouble. I love NYC. It's my favorite city, and I always get such a buzz when I'm there. The people, the buildings, the excitement - it makes it a city like no other.

When I was on the shuttle from the airport, I realized that the young man sitting next to me it never been to The City. He was from Orlando where he'd lived his entire life– and in fact, said he had never seen snow. As we exited the airport and he saw the snow it was like being with a little kid - he could not turn his head fast enough. Entering the city, he became enraptured. The buildings! The people! The fashions!

He was in NYC for fashion week, and was super excited. When we entered Times Square, it was as if he'd landed in heaven. He said it was a dream come true for him, and I smiled.

Sometimes - often I can be jaded, seem cold and unfeeling. I pride myself on the fact that I can travel successfully by myself through airports, security, grab taxis and go into the big city by myself without being afraid. It's still good to see things with a new perspective. Yes, I've seen Times Square before, run through Central Park, visited the Today Show and even haggled with a street vendor for a pocketbook.

It's still fun and I was glad to get reminder to slow down, stop and look around.

A Trip Away

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