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A Small List Of 5 Taboo Subjects That Are Good To Say Around Your Kids

Posted Feb 28 2012 8:05pm

You always have to be careful about what you say around your kids but there are some things that parents should not worry about saying around them.

Here are 5 things that parents should have no worries about saying around their kids and will actually make them better people if you do.

I Have Made A Mistake - This is a perfect way to show your children that it is ok to make mistakes and will show them how to fix mistakes when you make them. Mistakes are a natural part of our lives and we need to make them to learn from them. They need to know it is ok to admit to your mistakes.

I Need Some Help - Kids need to know it is ok to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. Be it a little help or a lot of help, showing them how to ask will show them how valuable it can be to have the ability to ask for it.

I Am Sorry - Don't think giving your child an apology will make you look weak to them. They will appreciate it if you apologize after making a mistake. Let's say you grounded them for whatever reason and then afterwards it turns out that your information was wrong because it came from the wrong source. Well if that happen your child is due an apology and to be ungrounded. You might even owe them an ice cream...hehe. They need to know it is OK to apologize for making a mistake that affects someone else.

I Was Fired - People would never even want to tell there wife or husband this one. It's embarrassing and it also affect them if you are the only one that brings in money to the household. Of course you need to keep this stuff age appropriate but your kids should not be shielded from life and put in a bubble. When they get out on their own, a little bit of a view on how you handle your life will go a long way.

Our Bills Cost This Much - My parents would never tell me how much a bill was or how much money they had. To some degree it is not their business but there is age appropriate levels you can show them so they are aren't left in the dark. In this day and age, kids need to learn about personal finances and how to manage money because it is not a skill that is taught in our school system.

In reality there are many more things that are perfectly ok to say around your kids and they need to be able to see the solution to many of these problems in real life so they have a head start on being able to solve them. If you grew up in a household where you were "protected" from certain information then you might want to take a step back every time you feel the need to hold back what you say to you kids because letting them get involved could be the key to preventing them from getting into any bad situations that you yourself are having a hard time with.

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