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A sense of humor is key….

Posted Jan 09 2010 10:29pm

Whenever I see a young child running around in mismatched clothes or odd-looking shoes, I figure that the child dressed himself/herself.  That’s a safe assumption, am I right? 

Every morning, Landon comes into my room and wakes me up with, “Mommy, you help me put on my clothes?”  There he stands with a shirt and pants that I would never put together as an outfit in a million years.

I just shake my head and ask, “Are you sure you want to wear this?  It doesn’t even match”.  He nods his head and says, “Yes, I wear this”.  I say, “Let me remind you that we’ll be running errands today and going to playgroup…you still want to wear this?”

Well, of course he does.  He doesn’t care if I’m embarrassed by how he’s dressed.  The world revolves around him…he’s 2 years old, for crying out loud.

So this is one of the ensembles he came up with the other day….


Yes, my friends, he is wearing a lovely green-striped polo shirt along with a pair of Bella’s pink pajama pants.  I dragged him out with me around town and of course he got stared at. 

An older gentleman was nosy enough to point out that Landon’s outfit didn’t quite match.  I smiled and said, “Shhh, don’t say it too loudly.  He’s color blind”.

The next day, he actually didn’t do too badly as far as the shirt and pants went.  BUT….he insisted on wearing Bella’s pink shoes that were about 3 sizes too big for him.  He couldn’t walk without tripping over his own feet every few steps.

I asked him, “Don’t you think you should wear a pair of your own shoes…you know, the BLUE ones that actually fit you just fine?”  He shook his head and wrinkled his brow, which told me he was completely prepared to battle this out with me if I continued to press him on the issue.  So totally not worth it, don’t you agree?

This is how he left the house that day….


And lest anyone try to point out to me that my male child is wearing PINK shoes that are way too big for him, I simply taped this sign to his back for the rest of the day.


Sometimes you just gotta laugh at the little things…a sense of humor is key.  Plus, I keep telling myself “this is just a phase…this too shall pass”.

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