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A Request Please

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:25am
My request is a simple one: Please don't go see the movie Tropic Thunder. It's highly offensive to those with intellectual/mental/cognitive delays/disabilities. The "R" word is used numerous times throughout the movie; and a tagline that was on a poster said this "Once Upon A Time...There Was a R*tard" - is that not outrageous or what? How could everyone involved with that movie and marketing think THAT was ok to use for a tagline? Or the new catchphrase coined from this movie "never go full r*tard" - just awful. (Some) Teens will see this movie and laugh and think it's ok to use those phrases and once again people like my daughter will be the butt of the joke; and it's just not ok, it's just not.

Edited to add:To the two anon teen commenters - thanks for your comments and I'm glad to read neither of you find that type of 'humor' funny. You're right that one group, ie teens, shouldn't all be lumped together; I didn't actually write "ALL teens", just "teens" but I do see how that could be misleading into thinking I meant to include "all teens." I certainly didn't mean it that way and I'm sorry it came across that way. I understand this movie is targeted to teens and unfortunately a lot of teens/young adults will find it funny, but I'm glad not all of them will.

This is taken from Patricia Bauer's Just The Facts postStudio executives have said the film is a comic satire intended to josh actors and the entertainment industry, not people with disabilities. They say the film plays broadly for laughs, offers equal offense to all groups, and is intended only as entertainment without a deeper subtext.

They say the film offers equal offense to all groups, but in Ms Bauer's advanced screening she noted at least 16 references to the word r*tard or any variation in one scene alone (that would be the "never go full r*tard" scene.) The "N" word was used once, and no words for other racial/ethnic/sexual epithets were noted - so how is that equal offense to all groups?

Several disability groups are planning a nationwide boycott of this movie.

You can read this article by Special Olympics Chairmen Timothy Shriver who is also planning to boycott the movie.

Read Tammy's post on 5 Minutes For Mom.

and please don't waste your money on this movie.

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