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A Post to Deadbeat Dad's!

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:29pm 2 Comments
Hello everyone, Just to let you know ahead of time this is going to be a complaint post!! Reason being I am tired of dealing with my ex-husband! Shocker right, how many other women in the world are sick of their ex's???? I just do not understand why anyone would not want to see or at least call their children. Now I know I need a break from my kids every once in a while, but come on...a six month to a year break? Also, with the economy being the way it is..and us living on one income..don't you think ex that you should pay your child support on time? I mean really you make way over the amount of most couples income put together. Do I need to show you how to write a check again? Here is a sample....

And here is another sample on how to use the phone.....

And even better sample questions on what to ask when buying things for your know the one's you really know nothing about....Just a few to start you off!
What size are they in?
What do they like?
What are their allergies again?
What grade are they in again?

Now to be fair I will tell you my blogging friends, he has not always been this bad..Way back and yes that is wayyyyy back, he use to get his children every other weekend. Now to be ho nest this was when he was dating the girl that he an affair with, while married to me...but all in good nature she did me a favor and I loved her for that!! (Favor rid of my ex for me) But as soon as he broke things off with her...his children went to the bottom of his list of priorities...this also happened around the same time I got married to my new hubby...anyone see a connection here?? I can see my ex saying..."Oh, she's married now...let her new man deal with all of it!" Well, let me tell you if I could pick up my family and just move far away and not have to deal with ex ever would be fine with me...See you don't get under my skin for the things you say or do to's the things you don't say or the support you don't give to your children that gets under my skin!! You don't want to see your kids, you don't want to support your kids...then give me full custody and be on your merry kids do not need you popping in and out of their lives and giving them hope that you will come around more!! You will regret the fact you did not spend time with your kids..and when your children figure things out....because I do not make up stories for you anymore..have not for a long while!!! I am not going to make myself look like the mean one..keeping their father away from them...oh no....not doing it....this is all on you ex.....and when the day comes when your children have finally given up on you and realize who and what you will be to late for you to get the relationship you crave so much in your old age....and you know what I am going to say......................................... You couldn't take the time with them when they were they can't take them with you when you are older....You did this to yourself!!!

Okay, sorry had to get that out!!!! How many of you are dealing with something like this? Or know someone who is dealing with this? I have a feeling it is allot of people. Because when I was in court to get my child support upped there were soooooooooo many people in there who have not paid their child support..some went to jail and others just got off somehow...some of these men and women are like 50,000.00 dollars behind or more!!! DEADBEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now off to something more refreshing!!!! :)

On the family side: We all had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving at my mom's. All of my extended family came over and we had a great time..and as usual my mother being the wonderful southern cook she is had a very tasty and extra large meal...yes people I gained that five pounds!! And it was oh so yummy!! We also had a double birthday mom's bday was the day before Thanksgiving and my daughter Kiersten's 13th is this while everyone was down we did the a party for both...It was great!! :)
Hubby, I and the kids did stay the night in NC Thanksgiving night. Cause my mother and I got up at 3:30am to go shopping for Black Friday! We were at Kohl's at 4:00am when it opened and had a blast...we stood in line that started all the way at the back of the store and round the line...then off to Wal-Mart we went...line was much shorter there! Then we hit Target, Best Buy, BJ's and Michael's...We had a flipping blast...Love Black Friday! It is so much fun going out and seeing the crazy people out shopping..some still in their PJ's! And everyone was NICE!!! Anyway, got some good deals and had the mother daughter bond time and got home at 9:30am...just in time to..the kids were just getting up!!!! So what do I do when we get home?? Nap!!! :) (my hubby took this while I was snoozing!) Got a chance to see my dad and step mom to while we were that was an extra bonus!! Whelp, the rest of the week we have just been hanging out...doing the work and school thing..and trying to get ready for Christmas..still need to put the tree and decorations up..will try to do that this weekend!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!
Later Tators!
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Oh wow, he needs to be on have you seen it?
no I have not seen that..I will check it out..luckily for my kids the deadbeat has gotten better..well at least better at paying the support...not seeing his kids still to much though...... :O)
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