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A Pain in the…

Posted Feb 04 2013 5:15am

I realize the title may be misleading, so let me clarify one thing up front: this post is not about Emily.

HahahahhahahahaHA I crack myself up!

No, no, sadly, this post is about my continuing ques t to become geriatric before my time.

Duuudes,  I don’t know what I did to my back, but it’s not getting better. The chiropractor seemed to be helping at first, but now I feel like I’ve taken some steps back. And I’ve been a good girl about doing my $#% exercises and keeping my appointments. (And also? I HATE getting adjusted. I can’t believe some of you weirdos enjoy that. And also? I’ve spent a lot of money on this to not feel any better.)

So far the only thing that really helps the pain is the heating pad and Icy Hot/Ben-Gay patches on my back. I’ve been taking massive doses of Aleve to no avail, so I’ve decided to stop doing that. I’m getting so desperate I am about to hit the mean streets of Dayton and troll for some pain meds (just kidding, please do not arrest me.)

I’ve got another doctor’s appointment this week with my regular doctor and I’m hoping he will prescribe me a magical anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxer or WHATEVER and maybe even refer me to a PT. Although I am going to try to get in with a massage therapist this week as well.

Because being in pain is exhausting. I don’t know how those of you who live with chronic pain do it. It also makes me feel a bit panicky when it’s hurting really bad and I can’t get any relief.

So anyway. I’m feeling like I’m 35 going on 70. With the face, of course, of a 20-year-old. My saving grace, right? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Somebody fix me!

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