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A Monday Milestone & Ramblings...

Posted Sep 15 2008 12:00am

We went swimming today, we've been doing that a lot lately. Thank you Aunt Carrie, Big Libby, and Auntie Barb!

As I packed up the kiddos this morning, I realized that they were missing one VERY important thing, swimming  diapers.. GASP! On the way to "Big Libby's" house, the kids and I stopped at the store. I was feeling very brave. I told the kiddos they were going to be like "big kids" and walk into the store with mommy. I figured it would be a disaster (ie: screaming running children) or, they could surprise me. Much to my relief, they behaved VERY well and held hands the entire time. As we headed out, they even told the check out clerk "bye, thank you lady!" I was so proud!! That was a HUGE milestone for us!!! WOOHOO!! It really is the little things.. ya know!?

Me & my fish!

I can't believe the summer is nearly over. This season has brought one adventure after the next! They have grown and changed so much over these hot summer days. They have become little people. It just amazes me. 

I can't wait for the leaves to turn and the weather to cool off. We will still keep ourselves busy and active during the day with play dates, trips to the zoo, story time at our local library, and lunch with daddy at least once a month. Oh, and of course... POTTY TRAINING.. dun dun daaa!! 

As much as I hate to admit it, nap time is back to being a nightmare! The quiet time was BLISS, while it lasted. My "tricks" have not worked for over two weeks. Everyday is a battle. I'm fighting hard to win, harder than ever. Yet, I think our days of napping little ones are numbered. I'm burnt out. That's the truth. I'm a firm believer in "choosing your battles," and I think this is a losing one. There is only soooo much we mommies can take!! The good news is, they go down easily and sleep  great through the night. I'll take the sleeping through the night over the 1 hour nap any day!

They are growing and changing all the time. What worked one day doesn't always work the next. They are each strong willed and smart as can be. I love that about each one of them, however, that's what makes raising 2 year old quads so hard!

In other news...

This is totally random but.. I entered a duct tape contest today . Click on the highlighted link to check it out, some of the stories are just hysterical! I couldn't help myself when I saw the add on my new roll of tape. For those new to our blog, YES, I duct tape our kiddos diapers on them (the silver in pictures). It's the only thing that works for us, and I'm no longer cleaning up poop every other second. THANK GOD! 

As for our DISASTER of a blog, we are working on it! Thank you all for your sweet words, blog links, and offers to help us out! I won't be messing with my html format again anytime soon. I nearly pulled my hair out, next time I'll go for the grey strands! Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point!?

Just as I was about to toss in the towel I received a comment from a reader named Hilary. She kindly offered to fix my mess, just as I was about to cry. After talking to Hilary, I received MANY other offers for help via comment and email. Thank you ALL for your kindness. Since she was the first person I spoke to, we went with her. She is very talented and currently working on a SUPER FUN new blog for us. We can't wait to see it. You can check out her work here.

Last but not least, I spent an hour and a half working on our blogger buddy list tonight, to lose the entire thing.. AGAIN, nope not kidding. I'm on a roll ladies and gentlemen! So, tomorrow is a new day and a new attempt at fixing my mess! Make sure to leave me a comment (if you haven't already) if you would like to be added.

I hope your having a great week!


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