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A man’s anxieties!

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:03pm

Your partner’s emotions could probably be fluctuating just like your hormones when you tell them you are pregnant! They could be experiencing excitement, anxiety and maybe even fear!

Although you may have been trying for a babywhen it finally happens it can be a shock, suddenly the realisation of the huge responsibility of having a baby suddenly becomes real. If your partner has gone off sex and is making all sorts of excuses to avoid any bedroom activity then try talking to him. He may just need some reassurance!

  • If your partner is the main bread winner he may be worrying about money.

  • He could be feeling very protective of you and your unborn baby and scared sex will harm the baby.

  • Some men find that their partner’s changing shape alters the way he feels about sex and he doesn’t like the thought of having sex whilst you are carrying his child.

Many of his fears may only be fleeting, others may need you both to discuss how he’s feeling and talk him through them

  • If he is worried that he will hurt the baby,take it slowly and no matter how big he thinks his penis is, it won’t be large enough to hurt the baby. The penis only actually enters the vaginal cavity which is not harmful to the baby.

  • If he still can’t relax enoughto have penetrative sex then why not enjoy a massage and oral sex

  • Remind him of your old selfand buy some lovely sexy maternity lingerie, they have some really pretty bras, thongs and pants now for pregnant ladies.

Try not to feel rejected, he probably just needs a little time and a bit of support to get used to the idea of the two of you becoming parents!

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