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A Makeover Is Not a Metamorphosis...

Posted Jan 27 2011 10:24am

We've all seen the makeover shows and witnessed what seems to be an instant transformation that takes place over a couple of days, and sometimes even in an couple of hours. While it's a wonderful way to boost your image for a big event, typically these makeovers result in very short-lived changes that often do NOT create any lasting changes. Does this surprise you?

I want to debunk the myth that a makeover, at least those as we witness on TV and in magazines, is a long-term solution to all your style issues. At least not without a little more support around it. The reason for this is that a style transformation is a process that a woman must step into. Just because you've had an expert cut your hair, do your makeup and give you some great new clothes does not mean that you're going to maintain your new style for longer than a few weeks. Now sometimes it does happen, but often women are left feeling disappointed and that they can't live up to the great look created for them, so why bother. Now this doesn't mean that you shouldn't jump at the chance to get a makeover, just that you may want to shift your mindset and your expectations around the process so that you can gain the most benefits. I'd like to offer my tips to help you step into your new look and keep the transformation going strong for years to come!

1/ Be Realistic - Whether you win a makeover contest (lucky you!) or pay a professional to help you with a new look, realize that a true transformation takes some time. Time to develop new habits, time to see yourself in a new way and time to let it sink in that yes, you really are gorgeous! After all, Rome wasn't built in a day!

2/ Be Open-Minded - Going into a makeover with the mindset that you're going to learn new ways of doing things you've done for years will serve you well. After all, there's a reason you're getting a makeover and generally it's not just for a quick fix. To learn how to make your new look last, you must be open to new ways of shopping, applying makeup and putting together an outfit. This will help the transformation to continue.

3/ Pay Attention and Ask Questions - Whether you're getting your face made over or your wardrobe overhauled, it's important to gain an understanding of what's being done so that you can replicate it. If you don't know why your stylist chose certain items for you, chances are you won't be able to do it on your own. Ask questions so you can know how to do these things for yourself once you're back in the groove of life.

4/ Commit to It - While a makeover leaves you looking great for a few hours, even a few weeks, if you fail to commit to your new look and see it just as a phase, chances are you'll go back to looking the way you did when you started. If you have your hair cut and colored, ensure that you schedule your next appointment so you don't sport 2" of roots and a shaggy style months later. If you can't do your full makeup, don't skip it altogether - do what you can. Keeping your new look up will require some effort on your part, but the investment in your image and self-image is so worth it!

5/ Take Stock - While there's nothing like having a new look to help you feel fabulous, don't feel that you're locked into this new look for years to come. Periodically taking stock of your style and making small tweaks to your hair, your makeup, your skin, your wardrobe...will keep you looking great and help you to keep the spirit of your makeover alive!

Another wonderful way to help you step into, and maintain your new look, is with the support of a style coach. A new service that I've begun offering to my clients all over the world is virtual support in the form of email, phone calls and Skype sessions. This helps you to step into their new style at your own pace, and gives you the ongoing support to feel confident in your choices and learn how to shop (and create new outfits) in a way that works for you. Would you like my support to make small changes to your style, or to take your image to a whole new level? Email me at and find out how you can step into your new style with ease and grace.

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