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A Lot Of Young Men Who Work In Construction Manifest Abusive Drinking, Require Alcohol Treatment, and Need to Fortify Their Pare

Posted Jul 27 2010 6:16am

I know quite a few young men who work in construction who manifest hazardous and abusive drinking. After working exceptionally hard for eight or more hours, it seems to make a lot of sense to go to the local watering hole to have a few brews with one's drinking friends. Usually, however, it seems that the well-intentioned few shots and beers turns out to be a predicament in which quite a few drinks are ingested, much money is spent, and many hours are spent at the local bar instead of spending time with their friends, family, or with their wife or girlfriend.

Continuous and Repeated Drinking Can Lead to Divorce, Friendship, Relationship, and Marital Issues as Well as Family and Parenting Difficulties

Is it all that flabbergasting under these circumstances that quite a few these hard working guys go through alcohol induced financial issues even though they make a decent amount of money? How tough can it be for my hard working friends to understand that heavy and irresponsible drinking usually leads to relationship, communication, marital, friendship, and commitment problems and frequently results in parenting and family problems? Why are these alcoholism and alcohol abuse signs so difficult for my hard working pals to see?

Repeated and Continuous Drinking Can Lead to DWIs, Problems at Work, Numerous Health Problems, and Different Mental Health Issues Like Depression

Should it honestly be astounding to anyone that my hard working buddies could receive a DWI almost any night or day of the week? Is anyone honestly dazed when these hard working guys begin to show up tardy for work because of their excessive and abusive drinking?

Does it honestly surprise anyone to know that these construction workers eventually complain about alcohol-related health problems such as hangovers, alcohol poisoning, a loss of energy, and sleep disturbances? Is it honestly amazing that many of my hard working buddies are beginning to have a variety of mental health issues such as depression?  Why can't my hard working pals see these alcohol abuse effects ?

To a relatively great extent, these construction workers have gotten into a dysfunctional predicament that is resulting in a life of alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction. My hope is that my hard working friends will eventually realize that abusive and heavy drinking is the enemy and that they need to talk to their healthcare practitioner or somebody at the local alcohol counseling center about their drinking problem.

Regarding the drinking problems manifested by my hard working pals, in the final analysis, what is needed is honesty. Indeed, these hard working men, not unlike others who involve themselves irresponsible drinking, need to look within themselves and make a truthful assessment of what irresponsible and excessive drinking is doing to their health, to their mental health, to their relationships, to their finances, and to their jobs. In short, my hard working friends need to realize the alcohol side effects of their excessive and hazardous drinking.

There's Room For Optimism If Those Who Engage in Unhealthy and Excessive Drinking Can Become Encouraged to Get the Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Detox They Need

My hard working friends need to get motivated and enthused about wanting to make a favorable change in their lives. In other words, these construction workers need to get motivated to go to their physician or to the local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and find out if they are primarily abusing alcohol or if they are alcohol dependent. Based on their findings, these construction workers then need to get the alcohol rehab and the alcohol detoxification they require.

The good news is that there’s a wide variety of drug and alcohol treatment clinics, rehabilitation facilities, treatment centers, rehab programs, and hospitals where these hard working guys can get quality rehabilitation for their excessive and hazardous drinking. And with some exertion, it is feasible to find rehab programs, treatment centers, drug and alcohol treatment clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and hospitals that are fairly inexpensive.

First-Class Alcoholism or Alcohol Abuse Help Can Begin With a Short and to the Point Phone Call

There were without a doubt times in the past when quality help for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency was more expensive and far less available that it is now. Due to the great increase of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency in the past five or ten years, then again, an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent individual more often than not has few, if any, common sense reasons for failing to address his or her irresponsible and heavy drinking.

In fact, to start the change process all it often takes is a short and to the point phone call to one's family doctor or to somebody at the local alcohol rehab facility. Thereafter, lasting sobriety necessitates follow through, commitment, and a truthful desire to change one's hurtful style of life and enhance one's personal success, self respect, and one's self worth.

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