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A Late Night Phone Call

Posted Nov 05 2009 10:02pm

My phone rang at 9:45 and it shocked me.

Ok, so, technically, 9:45 isn't THAT late. But it's late enough for me. 

When my daughter answered the phone - for, really, if the phone rings it MUST be for her, especially since she's grounded (again!) and can't use her cell phone - I could tell from the things that she said that she didn't know who it was on the phone, but the conversation wasn't going well. I signaled for her to hand the receiver to me.

"Hi. My name is Mr. XYZ and I'm with the Department of Defense. I'm conducting a background check on your neighbor, twentysomethingcollegegraduate. Do you know this man?  I'd like to ask you some questions about him. I'm in your neighborhood, about 6 houses over, and I'd like to come over and interview you now."

Blink. Blink. And, no.

First of all, how was I to know that this guy was who he said he was? And did he think I was crazy enough to just let an unknown man into my house? Apparently he did. Frustrated, I passed the phone over to my husband.

Who answered the phone, indicated that we weren't comfortable with this line of questioning, and arranged for the DOD worker to visit my husband's job the next day. We both wondered if the entire phone call was on the up and up. We'd heard nothing from our neighbor about her son trying for a government job, and the idea of a late evening phone call and request for an open home made us nervous.

But today brought both a confirmation of the DOD application by my neighbor and a visit to my husband's job that checked out with a perfect ID.

But what would you have done?

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