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A Girl Can Dream

Posted Mar 24 2010 11:02am
One week from today I will turn THIRTY FOUR. Which is really a pretty blah birthday when you think about it. But I'm a Birthday kinda girl. I love them. I think it's fabulous everyone has their OWN special day in the sun to shine and indulge and play and enjoy LIFE and we should honor that.

So I am working on a way to celebrate my turning another year older that will be FUN for more than just me. Next Wednesday I will announce:

I hope you are as excited about it as me! And I hope you come back next Wednesday to find out how you can make one of my biggest wishes come true and help some awesome kids in the process.

For now, I've come up with 34 (more selfish) wants, wishes, dreams, for sure I want that's! of mine as a way to get myself in the Birthday mood. Just in case you were wondering...

1. To awake to 5 Burnses in our bed and all the laughter, hugs, kisses, and "I'm squished!" that ensue.
2. New running clothes, I really need some new tanks!
3. A new water belt - so Matt and I can stop sharing.
4. Flowers for my garden - as much lavender and foxgloves as possible
5. Miley to come back to Twitter
6. THIS dress, size 6 please

7. A long, fun, meaningless conversation with my sister.
8. A lifetime supply of Pineapple Tart fro-yo
9. A Kiwi tree - so I can forever top my lifetime supply of fro-yo
10. A firehouse like THIS ONE for our outdoor sitting area.
11. Our adirondack chairs fixed and painted...Apple Green I think.

12. A jar of Orange Blossom yumminess from Jo Malone.
13. Tickets to Chicago for the half marathon in September.
14.  THIS bathing suit (I just bought THIS one! So cute...I think I need her hat too.)
15. A girls night with my Besties and some Brie.
16. THESE shoes
17. A new cell phone, so jealous of Matt's Palm Pre.
18. Time to sit and READ, uninterrupted.
19. 2 tomato plants with cages (Ace Hardware has cages in hot pink!!)
20. A Kindle

21. A SLR camera...a Canon 50D or Nikon D40 or D90....oh the choices!
22. Dinner out HERE with Mateo
23. THIS necklace from Polkadotmoon! Die. It's so cute.
24. To have the time to sit and sew THIS fab, cute, simple, homey-chic skirt for myself.
25. To go to this movie (it comes out on my birthday!)

26.  THIS completely RAD scarf I would wear every time I go out this Summer
27. My hair done, The Black Stripe is getting out of control.
28. A pedicure.
29. Calories not to count.
30. A looooonnnnnggggg run while the sun rises or sets...either is beautiful.

31. Another one of THESE , so I can play my iPod in the kitchen. Right now I move the one from our bedroom back and forth every day!
32. A perfectly sunny, 80 degree day.
33. A Veggie & Brie sandwich from Cest Si Bon and an ice cold Diet Coke for lunch!
34. For year 34 to be as perfectly blissful as my year 33!
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