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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:54pm
Well I have been tossing and turning over this one for a while ... taking a leaf out of BJ's Book of Wisdom I have decided I am over thinking it and am just going to chuck it out into the blogosphere and be done with it.

So as some might recall I spent the best part of last year in job hell. Yes, I took a job working for a ... drum roll of stupidity for moi here .... a friend.

I 'got out' in October and this was pretty much my last post on the subject. I was so relieved, so thankful, so overwhelmingly pleased to be out of that pile of poop.

I spent the first four weeks or so in a state of euphoric joy, such was my relief to be done. I even made a tee shirt to celebrate the moment.

Yet sometime between then and now I have just got progressively more annoyed with the whole experience. I had expected to 'move on' and leave behind the negativity of the whole kit and caboodle.

In a day to day sense I have. But give me a moment alone with my thoughts and if something stirs a memory from that time and I become rather (very, very) annoyed.

So when an email came last week from 'the friend' asking me to lunch - her shout - I nearly choked on my own bile.

Yes I declined, told her, with thanks, my life was busy. The very thought of spending my 'free time' doing something I use to willingly do, then got paid to do - being her sounding board / whipping boy / saviour / conscious just did not sit well with me. I would rather have ate poo.

We were friends for eight years before I was a complete idiot and she was a lying, deceiving, manipulative, psycho cow. So it feels a bit like a divorce .... no not your divorce Fe... a more regular kinda divorce ... not like my divorce when my husband was shagging unknown quantities of men in public toilets ... just a regular divorce, if there is such a thing, with trust gone, anger brewing and hurt spilling over.

Think I just need to build a bridge and get over it ... bah. Thankfully my day to day living is filled with joy and good times. And I have you lot, my dear ones - near and far, so love to you, bridge building le xoxoxo
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