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A Fresh, New Perspective and a Lot of Ideas ~ Review: Read Kiddo Read

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:06pm
Well, we are officially back in school....woohoo!! How do I know we are back in school? You mean other than the fact that tranquility reigns at our home until about 3pm M-F? Well, that would be because P1 came home with a reminder from her First grade English teacher that the kiddos are to read at least one book a night and then mark it off on their reading log. P1 LOVES to be able to mark off the design of the month - Oct was Pumpkins, Nov. was Turkeys, Dec. was Reindeer, and Jan is Snowflakes. They read for about 20 minutes - or one book and then they can mark off one of the designs. The more they read, the more they can mark off. When school started in August, they did not have these sheets to mark off and many nights, it was really tough convincing P1 that she had to read again. Once those sheets started coming home though, it was a whole new ballgame. Who knew that something that simple could provide such great motivation to read?!

P2 is beginning to make good progress in her reading skills as well and it is really thrilling to see the pride in her eyes each time she can figure out a new word or two. She also loves to be read to and the more dramaticly it is presented, the better. The latest thing with her is the Tales of Abby the Panda that I tell her each night. Sometimes these tales are long, sometimes short and some are decidedly better than others but my sweet girl does not care. She just loves that I tell them, just for her.

Funny, but I do not remember ever learning to read. It just seems that I have always been able to read and I have always loved it!Aside from being told by experts that our children really must learn to enjoy reading, I think it is my happy childhood memories relating to reading that fires my enthusiasm for them to learn to love to read too.

Brett does not share that same love of reading that I have and we have talked about why. He has several siblings who love to read, as do his folks now but while he was growing up, there just was not a lot of time available for someone to read with him and the choices of literature for geeky little boys was not then what it is today. We have talked about how we can develop that love of reading in our girls, both drawing on our past experience.

After one of these discussions between Brett and I, I wrote a post back in October titled Reading to Develop a Reader. In it, I give the great suggestions provided by the American Library Association on how to turn the average child into a voracious reader. I also list some good recommendations of types of books but it is very general in nature. So imagine my delight, if you will, when I learned about what renowned-author James Patterson has created -ReadKiddoRead.

ReadKiddoRead is a website whereyou will find lists of books for varying age groups.It’s divided into four age categories: Great Illustrated Books (0-8), Great Transitional Books (6 & up), Great Page Turners (8 & up), and Great Advanced Reads (10 & up).What's really cool is that you can read reviews by authors and publishers, giving both parents and their children a great place to find an exciting new story lines your kids are sure to love.

Along with the book recommendations, he includesrelated themes, links to find the book in all sorts of locations including your local library, quotes from critics, even similar suggested reads.The website also helps you find book discounts, special promotions, featured interviews and a variety of contributions from authors and celebrities. It is a fantastic help for parents like us.

Thankfully, our girls are all showing the beginnings of a great love affair with books. I told you about P2 earlier in this post and P3 is already showing an interest in them as well, whether she is looking at them on her own, with her sisters, or being read to by Mama or Daddy. And I love nothing better than when I go to check on P1 in her room and she is in there happily reading away, all by herself. But I know sooner or later, we will need a fresh new perspective and helpful ideas and I am grateful for wonderful places likeReadKiddoRead where we can go for inspiration.

This review written in partnership with Mom Central.


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