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A FREEBIE - how “Frugal Friday” can you get?

Posted Oct 24 2008 3:23pm

I’m a slacker.  Totally slackish.  I’ve slacked off.  Ten years ago, we were pinching pennies.  I was following my own rules - keep track of everything!  Pay bills according to my little spreadsheet, etc.  Now that hubby takes care of that responsibility, I’ve become a slacker.  In not such a great way!  My reciepts?  Um.  Dunno what you’re talking about.  My budget?  You mean money doesn’t reproduce in the bank machine on command?  Yeah, you’re smarter than I.  But once upon a time (and soon again)I was all about the GOALS.  I needed to pay off those bills at due day.  Everything catered around that.  I paid off the bills first, and then wondered if we’d have enough to eat.  I was focused, man.  Now, I think that we, as a family, have other goals - a retirement fund, for example.  I feel really very blessed to be so well taken care of by my man.  Sigh.  Those hazel eyes…. Ooops.  Got distracted.  Here’s how  you find your goals:

1.  What are your current “values”? This is easy.  Look at all those receipts.  What do you spend the most on?  Eating out?  Buying things for the kids?  Your chocolate habit?  And yes, the little things you purchased at the “grocery” store, count!  Can’t put that by on ME.  I’m the queen of sneaking-in-an-item at the box stores.  For us, we see a couple things:

1) bills are paid on time

2) a huge percentage of our disposable income is spent on fast food

3)  Clothes are purchased sporadically; usually when NEEDED not when on sale.

2.  What is ONE thing you can change to get closer to your ideal values? Bingo.  That is your first goal.

Is it SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely)?  For example, we are trying to change over our diet to a healthier one.  I’m not sure how much our grocery bill will be.  I’m not sure how often I’ll need fresh produce, as in the past, veggies were kind of an afterthought at dinner time.  Because I tend to “find” things that I need when I make extra trips to the grocery store, my goal is to shop for 3-4 days at a time.  For now, I will make 2 trips per week.  This is not the end goal, just the one I am trying to accomplish right now.  Last month I bought way too much and wasn’t able to stay within my budget by the end of the FIRST week! lol  The time after that, I didn’t buy enough and we ended up shopping nearly every day.  Is my goal SMART?  Don’t answer that.  hehe

Specific:  2 times per week (not “I’m gonna shop less”)

Measurable:  yeah, 2 - like in TWO - like a number.

Attainable:  Although it may not appear so, this time I’ll get it right.

Realistic:  yeppers.  I’m not saying we’re going vegan or something, I’m just going to change my shopping habits first.

Timely:  My goal is attainable within THIS week.  Yippee!

If you all leave me your goals, just so’s I don’t feel lonely, I’ll draw a commenter to win a handmade stationary notebook to track all those receipts!  :)  (no pic, cause I haven’t made it yet! lol)

Remember to get a cup of tea, and relax!  You’ve earned it.  (Kids underfoot?  That’s what the TV is for, silly.)


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