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A flower for my friends

Posted Jun 29 2009 10:23pm
Blooming Beauty

While the last little bit has been hectic & busy for me, it has been a good hectic & busy.
I love this feeling of non overwhelment. I love how freeing it is not to be bogged down
with so much negative emotion. I am usually an optimist, but when things get all out
of whack not only do I see the glass half empty, I thirst. I know that the contents of the
glass will soon be gone and so I don't savor what is left, I just don't drink. I go thirsty, a thirst
that goes down to my core. I get to the point where I am so emotionally dehydrated that
I am just beyond myself. I need to remember in this life that if I don't keep myself
emotionally hydrated that I will not see the silver lining and that I will not see the sunshine
and the rainbows. I need to see these things. I need the happiness that the world around
me brings. I need to realize that I am never alone and that no matter how bad it gets here
that in the next life there will be peace, sunshine, rainbows, and maybe even unicorns.

Thank you so much for showing me such love.
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