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A face and a name...

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:47pm
I had a question posted yesterday regarding Colette's racial heritage (" Coco is very light skinned for being african american so I was wondering if she was also mixed with another race.").

J is biracial (AA/Cauc) and Coco's biological father is Caucasian. So she is 3/4 Cauc, 1/4 African American.

She looks a LOT like my daughter Sam did at this age, which cracks us up. We have read so many books on transracial adoption, and were very prepared to have a child that looks different than we do. Instead, I keep getting told how much my daughters look alike (they do!), and also how great I look for just having given birth (which I *love*)

She looks a little more tan each day, and I'm almost certain that her hair will begin to curl in a few months.

What we do know? Is that she is absolutely gorgeous. And she looks so much like J (especially when she sticks out her bottom lip and pouts, or makes a 'yuck' face). She definitely has her gorgeous brown eyes..Colette's eyes are already brown, and are as huge and expressive as her beautiful mommy.

As for her name, I spent a lot of time finding the perfect name.

For starters, I've always wanted to name a child after my fabulous mother-in-law. Charlotte is so dear to me, and I love the idea of a little girl named Charlie. However, my husband's family is Jewish, and it is not appropriate to name children after relatives that are still living. So I found this cool website that lets you plug in names that you love, and it gives you other names that you may like.

I plugged in Charlotte, and out came Colette.

I gave J a list of names that I had narrowed it down to, and Colette was the only one she liked. Not only that, she LOVED it. And as it turns out, it can be a small world when it comes to names.

It is a derivative of Nicole, which was the name that J had picked out for her daughter.

J's mom's best friend's middle name is Colette, and when she was pregnant with J, that was what they were going to name her (until they settled on J).

Small world, and funny coincidences.

Colette's middle name, McKay, is also J's middle name. We felt it was important to honor her, and as it is a family name, to honor her family as well.

Plus...Coco McKay? Just rolls right off the tongue ;)
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