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A DINO-mite Giveaway from Craigmore Creations ($42 ARV)!

Posted Oct 29 2013 1:21pm
Kids love dinosaurs. Little boys, especially, go crazy over dinosaur books, toys, movies, and more. To satisfy their passion for everything dinosaur, has published two gorgeously illustrated children’s books by Charlotte Vivian Rodenberg. These books are
Bronto & the Pterodactyl Eggs

Bronto is an Apatosaurus who discovers a nest of untended blue eggs in a tree. He places leaves over them to keep them warm until the momma dino bird comes back, but she fails to return by nightfall. Bronto falls asleep with his head on the eggs to continue to warm them. The next morning, he put leaves on the eggs again and sets off to find their mother. When he hears the rumbling of a volcano, he returns to the nest and lowers it to the ground. He places the eggs in a hole in the ground and covers them with dirt to protect them as the volcano begins to erupt. Bronto runs away to safety. The lava scorches the land and all the dinosaurs flee. But one day the dry earth begins to crack, and out pops the pterodactyl babies! They fly away in search of new land. Bronto has saved them!

Check out the lovely book trailer below

Bronto, Friend of Ceratops

Bronto returns in this sequel as the only surviving Apatosaurus after the volcanic eruption. Bronto has fled to the hills with other Sauropods, and he falls asleep. He is awakened by the sound of lightning as it strikes the forest below where his Ceratops friends have taken cover. As fires spring up, Bronto realizes he must warn them. When he reaches his friends in the forest, he finds that Tyron, a T. rex, has cornered the Ceratops near a cliff wall. Bronto warns everyone of the fire as his friend Arbol shows up to help Bronto after hearing his distress call. The T. rex realizes he is no match for large Bronto and Arbol, and he takes off. The Ceratops herd, Bronto and Arbol head for the river just as the fire erupts around them. They ride the current to a safe place where the fire can’t reach them. Once again, Bronto is a hero.

Both of these hardcover books feature beautiful watercolor and ink illustrations by artist and writer Charlotte Vivian Rodenberg, as you can see above. They teach children about how dinosaurs lived, as well as about friendship and helping others in need. These books make wonderful gifts for young dinosaur fans!

Visit to learn more about these books. Check out the other wonderful books from Craigmore Creations at .

One lucky winner will receive hardcover copies of both Bronto & the Pterodactyl Eggs and Bronto, Friend of Ceratops, by Charlotte Vivian Rodenberg, plus an adorable plush dinosaur! (Prize shown above. Retail value of $42!) This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end at 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, November, 12, 2013. Enter through the Rafflecopter form below.

This post contains my Amazon affiliate link.
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