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A Different Ian

Posted Dec 19 2012 10:17pm

This morning, after my run, I brought the kids to the park. Since it was so early, they almost own the park by themselves! LOL! They had a good 1hour+ in the park. After they occupied the park for a while, there was this little girl came. I guess she is only 4 years old.

After a while, I noticed this girl kept calling Ian by his name, and hide behind him when she noticed the two dogs. She giggled with Ian, whilst Ian was very friendly with her and being protective to her.

Later, Ian explained to me that he just made friend with the girl at the park! I had thought they might have known each other in the school or the pre-school two years ago (a little too far stretched, but I had no idea!). So, apparently he had not known her before!

What a new and different Ian to me! He used to be very shy (or snobbish? hmm…), and would walk away from any other kids. But he just accepted the friendship and acted as a protector! Wow! It reminds me of what the tuition teacher has said about him, that he likes to be a leader (which Isabel won’t let him be). So he was pretty happy to be able to ‘protect’ the girl, and led the girl to all the parts of the park. Hahaha!

As for Isabel, she told me she didn’t want to be friend with the girl, because Isabel wants to play alone. THIS is the old Ian’s style, but I didn’t see it in him today.

Either the girl has a special charm on him, or he has changed? Hahahaha! I like this change, nevertheless. :)

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