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A day in the life of a 4-year old...

Posted Jan 24 2012 8:30am
Ah, to be 4 years old again. 

To have your days filled with nothing but excitement and curiosity....silliness and good times. 

No worries in the world, other than hoping you can have chicken nuggets again for lunch (for the 5th day in a row).

Your "homework" consists of practicing your writing skills, while learning number sequence. 

And you know that no matter how many mistakes you might make, your teacher is still going to give you a high-five and a gold star...simply because you applied yourself.

There's no better feeling than when all your hard work pays off, as you finally figure out how to blow bubbles....a skill you've been trying to master for months.

Whipping up a batch of mini-cakes in your sister's Easy-Bake oven is your idea of "really cool fun"...especially because you know you'll get to lick the spoon and the bowl (even though your mother has warned you numerous times about salmonella poisoning). 

Nothing makes you happier than eating the other half of the giant burrito your dad couldn't finish....because you're such a big boy with an endless appetite.

You've got nothing but time on your hands and you have no problem taking a few minutes out of your day to say hello to a friendly cat, even though your mom is nagging you to hurry along.

"Cats need love too," you tell her. 

Throwing leaves in the air makes you giggle until you're doubled over with a bad case of hiccups.

No worries about where the leaves love to scoop them all up into a huge pile and throw them up in the air...over and over again, with boundless energy.

Every open road leads you wherever you want to go.   The options are unlimited.

The world is your oyster, just waiting to be discovered and acted upon.

To be 4 years old just seemed so simple, didn't it? Registered & Protected
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