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A Chipmunk with Bell’s Palsy

Posted Jan 22 2014 8:56am

Yesterday Emily let you all in on the fact that while recovering from having all four of my wisdom teeth removed, I wasn’t posting any selfies or #doyourmakeup posts on the interwebz.

All I can say is…you’re welcome! I mean, I really don’t think anyone wanted to see me with both cheeks swollen and stuffed with gauze, no makeup on, and barely conscious from anesthesia on day one. Or, with both cheeks swollen, no makeup, and face contorted in pain from the vicodin making me puke (all over the dining room floor, YAY hardwood floors! I now have more sympathy for my kids when they can’t make it in time.) on day two.

But day three? When I was still really swollen on one side of my face and couldn’t move it very well? Couldn’t really smile? Looked like a chipmunk with Bell’s Palsy had a stroke? And put makeup on because I had to take Jonah to speech?

I thought you all might want to see that. But I was saving it for a special occasion.

Like now.

Ok, so I added the crazy eyes in for fun.

Ok, so I added the crazy eyes in for fun.


Is this the best day of your life OR WHAT?

But wait, there’s more!

Like A Human Chipmunk with Bell’s Palsy sits for Andy Warhol:

chipmunk warhol 3


A Human Chipmunk with Bell’s Palsy goes to the masquerade:

chipmunk mask

and finally:

Old-Timey Human Chipmunk with Bell’s Palsy:

chipmunk old time

Oh, and I can’t forget about this one:


Oh wait, that’s not me. Let’s pretend it is. Don’t you owe me that?

And once again…you’re WELCOME!

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