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A Brand New Teether

Posted Aug 10 2009 4:32pm

Friday morning, a brand new teether came in the mail.
Rather, a Moby Wrap. Snapdragon, however, is fairly convinced it's a teether.
It's UV treated, which is kinda cool, but let me reiterate, Snapdragon thinks it's a teether.
I won it from the forums over at Babywearing, and I have to say, I squeed. I squeed a lot. I squeed like a tween who just spotted Johnny Depp. I squeed.
I also won a matching pair of babylegs (as he is so cutely sporting) and the Moby swaddling blanket.
Of course, I'm very impatient, so as soon as the package arrived, I had to tear into it and start reading the directions. They look a little intimidating the first time you pull out yard after yard of fabric with a complicated drape and wrap how-to pictorial guide, but it didn't take long and I had it secured, thank goodness. Slipping snapdragon in and out isn't too hard, but I have to say, I'm not entirely sure how breastfeeding in it is any easier than out of it. I mean, to get him in a sidewaysish position was really complicated, involved taking him out, adjusting it, and putting him back in, and I think it would have been easier to just hold him to feed him.
Of course, our first attempt at nursing in the Moby was at a Barnes and Noble, so it's not like I wasn't under any pressure to get it done right, quickly, and without making a scene.
It might have been easier if I'd been wearing a plunging v-neck instead of a t-shirt.
All in all, he sorta loves it, but mostly for it's value as a mommy hugging teething device.
So yeah, I <3 it.
Of course, this hasn't prevented me from entering this months giveaway for a hella-cool adjustable pouch sling... I figure he'll teeth on it too if he has half a chance!

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