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A Body In Motion Tends to Stay in Motion

Posted Jan 15 2013 12:00am

H/T to my gorgeous bestie Kendra for the blog post - hers goes in a slighty different direction, so make sure you stop over there and read it.

So, today is the 15th of January. We are halfway through the first month of 2013.

As an aside - I wrote the first checks of the year today - and seriously had to stop and think what year it was. It's been THAT long since I wrote the date.

So, one resolution I made was to be constant. That was my word for the year. Constant. I want to be constant in my exercise, for I find that I am in a better mood when I do so. And even if my weight doesn't change one bit - although I don't know if it does or doesn't, because I flatly refuse to get on the scale (I know that I obsess over the numbers) -

I feel as if I look more fit and just overall better in my clothes if I exercise.

But, oh, am I l-a-z-y. So, so lazy. And having a job online means that I spend vast quantities of time in a chair, in front of a screen, and it means that there's ALWAYS something that needs my attention, something that needs to be done and an entire day can go by without me moving more than my fingers.

And my legs, when I stretch them out on top of my desk. You've seen this, right?


found on Pinterest with no accreditation - if it's yours, please let me know

So, here is my work around. My absolutely, no holds barred, get my lard butt moving plan.

Get dressed in exercise clothes in the early morning. For realz. I mean, you hear that all the time, and I've even said it - but I used to find myself getting jeans and a t shirt on to drive the kids to school, telling myself that I'd change when I got home - and then I'd start laundry, and dishes, and picking up, and then my email would flip over, and Facebook would begin it's siren call, and I'd check my "every day, must read" blogs - and it would be 10:00.

So, from January 5 or so, no more. I've gotten up every day, put on my super strong German prison matron bra, my yoga pants, my exercise shirts- and my sneakers. The most important part for me. Once I lace those things up, they aren't coming off until I've exercised.

I have walked or done Core class - or even RUN some intervals, that seriously felt stupid good - just about every day since Jan 1. I've done the burpee challenge every day. (Although I'm not gonna lie - tomorrow is a rest day and I'm delirious with relief - the hardest days are yet to come, there are days with 40, 45 and FIFTY ahead!)

I was super stoked that I ran. Granted, it was just intervals, and it was slow and so, so ugly looking - but there was actual, pick up the feet and run, movement where there hasn't been any in a good long while. It was uncomfortable, just as the orthopedic surgeon said it would be, but it wasn't painful, which was my biggest fear. I don't have a plan, a timeline or even any thoughts - I'm not planning to run a long race by a certain time, break a ten minute mile, work up to five miles a day. Every time I've tried to do those things, my leg craps out again.

I've been given a last chance - if I tear the muscle again, it'll mean surgery and I do not want that.

So I have no plan, I have no time goal, I have no deadline. My non plan is this:

Run when you want. Stop when you get tired. Don't push your repaired leg too much. Remember what it feels like to run, to find that freedom, that runners high. If it gets easier and you want to run more, do it. If it doesn't, if it hurts or is torture, stop.

I've removed all expectations. I expect zero of myself. 

And it must be working, because every day, I wake up and say to myself I can't wait to try to run again.

So far it's working.

What about you? How are your resolutions, thoughts, ideas, or plans for the new year going????

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