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A Birthday Present to Share - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Posted Mar 04 2013 3:03pm
Normally the Peanut asks for silly things for her birthday.  This year was the first time she requested an expensive present.  She's been using an iPad at school and asked for one for her birthday.  There was great debate in our house.  I thought a laptop would be better than a tablet.  I'm old school and like the keyboard.  I told her we'd talk about it.
As her birthday got closer and closer, as did mine, we're only a few days apart, I thought about more about it.  I refuse to have the internet on my phone, and this would be great to have when we're out and I need info.  And I'm sick of lugging my laptop with us on vacations, this would be so much easier.  I also started thinking about all the times I drag this poor little one with me to Home Depot or doctor's appointments.  It would probably be really nice for her to have something more to do than people watch.  Especially since she doesn't find people watching fun.
  So I took the plunge into new technology.  Not easy for the girl who still buys CD's and owns a VCR.  I found a great deal at Staples on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch.  My techie friends said the expandable memory is a good thing, plus you get way more games for free than you do on other tablets.  I didn't research that, but I trust them.

And it even came with a case.  I liked the red since anything black tends to vanish in my house.  So far we love it.  I read bad reviews about the camera and video, but I think they're fine.  There are definitely a ton of games to download for free.  I still can't figure out how to do much, but I find it much easier to use than the Kindle I tried out at Best Buy.  As of right now, I'd recommend it.

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