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A Big Shock Today

Posted Oct 01 2008 12:00am
I try not to post more than once a day if I can help it - I am becoming a bit of a blogging addict so I am trying to limit myself - today I am making an exception...blogging is therapeutic!! I just got home from my Dr's (Midwife actually) and just got some slightly unexpected news...(no not pregnancy)

So the history of it is - when I first got pregnant with Jack, during one of the initial ultrasounds, several cysts were observed in my ovaries - the right ovary in particular. Throughout my pregnancy they were closely followed, and increased in size - but only slightly. Well today I went for a follow up ultrasound and consult - at the most I was expecting a conversation about possibly needing to remove the cyst, usually I expect much worse than what the outcome was not the case. Since May the two cysts in my right ovary have almost completely doubled in size - from just under 3.5 cm to close to 7.0 cm, the volume of my ovary and the size have more than doubled. What does this mean? Basically that ovary must come out. Tentatively we are planning for November 7th, but that could possibly change.

What else does that mean? Well its kind of funny - its the word that no one seems to want to say - its the elephant in the room - it was eluded to, hinted at, but never actually said - at least not at first. What this means is there is a possibility of it (them) being cancerous. I am going to get blood work later this week to see if we can narrow down the possibility of yes or no (Ca 125 and Cae something or other). Other than that all we can do is wait until the ovary is removed at which point they will whisk it off to be examined.

My Mom asked me if I was nervous (of course I called my Mom...although I called Dan first...sorry mom :) I am but I'm not...being nervous isn't going to gain me anything - either it is or it isn' yeah maybe a little but not overly. I am definitely sad about the fact that I am going to have an ovary removed - not something I was ready for.

So...deep I said worrying about it will accomplish nothing and really just eat away at me - hopefully I can keep myself from worrying to much.

Well - since I cannot post without adding a picture...

I love that little tongue!!

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