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A big bed for little people

Posted Jan 07 2013 6:06am

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When your toddler has outgrown their first big bed, it is time for them to choose a bed that will, hopefully last them several years, quite possibly until they are nearing the end of primary school.
Novelty beds are fun and fabulous, but may not stand up to years of bouncing and playing on, so as a parent it is up to you to decide how soon you will be planning to replace this second big bed!

Now is also the time to begin encouraging your child to start helping out a little around the house, starting with their own bedroom. If encouraged  at a young age to start picking up after themselves it will set a precedent for the future hopefully giving parents one or two less chores to do!

Making sure there is plenty of storage space in a child’s bedroom,will make it easier for them to put their toys away, once there is a place for every toy and item of clothing try some brightly coloured stickers on each toy box or drawer to help the little ones learn what belongs where.

A large laundry basket will also leave no excuses for not having clothes in the hamper for wash day! Again, make sure the basket is wide and low enough for small children to be able to reach!

Take your children shopping for a new duvet cover to go on their big bed! There are so many novelty covers available with anything from Peppa Pig to Darth Vadar, or get them involved in choosing colours that match the decor in their bedroom. The more involved you can get your child the more likely they are to take pride in their room and also if you are very lucky, they may just learn to start making their own bed!

When you do decide to buy the new bed, take the children with you so they can test out some mattresses and find one that is comfortable enough for them to sleep on, but also one that will not end up giving them restless nights and disturbed sleep. A mattress should be neither too hard or too soft, think Goldilocks! Head over now to Bedstar to discover bed frames and mattresses to suit all tastes and needs for children and adults!


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