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A “Cold” in the Mix

Posted May 10 2010 11:40am

“Everything in life depends on how that life accepts its limits.” -James Baldwin

Hi friends, as all of you know with chronic illnesses such as ours, we can predict with certainty-unpredictability beyond the normal unpredicatability of life.

I aimed to have my post/article about how having a parent with ME/CFS (and MCS) affects our children, written and posted on May 12th.  Life and this body of mine have changed my deadline.  I want to give this important subject the care, time and thinking it deserves.  I’m not able to meet my Awareness Day deadline because…

I’ve got a cold.  How wimpy does that sound? Super wimpy…it sounds incredibly, super wimpy.  I don’t get them often,  but when I do, a “normal” people bug” on top of my “normal for me” chronic illnesses equals, a physically messier, less functional me.  I am now in week number two.  Instead of getting better, congestion settles into my pre-existing conditions.  Weak breathing muscles and asthma, make it even harder to breathe and exert.  My sinuses with chronic manageable problems, have become inflamed and trigger daily, almost constant migraines (the huddle in the dark with the curtains closed, light from my laptop and the tv hurt and one is growing right now because I’m on the computer kind of migraine).

I’ve fallen out of Cyberspace. I feel like Smeagle from Lord of the Rings, as I am most comfortable in the dark right now.  I miss my cyberfriends, as I’m avoiding my lit up (even at the dimmest setting) pain causing laptop. I miss corresponding and keeping up by blog and email.

Perhaps I can wiggle something “awarenessy” out of this boring post.  If you have a chronic illness and get a “normal cold” on top of it, how does it affect you differently than it does people who do not have underlying health conditions…or how does a cold affect you differently than when you got one when you were healthy?

Another something ME/CFS “awarenessy”.  Most of us with it are already light sensitive, some so severely they can’t ever use a computer or watch tv and always having to have the curtains drawn. Wearing sunglasses inside is common, wearing them outside is imperative.

(*Big shout out to you who went into the swirl of emotions of how our illnesses affect our kiddos, answered the questions and sent them back to me on time!  I will handle them all with care and look forward to putting all of your input together as soon as I’m able.)

***Lights out for now…

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