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‘Tis the Season to Spin

Posted Dec 16 2009 10:05pm

Spinning dreidel-txkimmers‘Tis the season.

I’m wrecked.  I’m spinning in my mind with all the normal responsibilities, the accomplishments I work towards, various appointments, birthdays and other events we have coming up that have nothing to do with ‘the season’, and then the seasonal parties, gift giving, gathering of families, and oh yea, the joy.

I find myself re-evaluating all that I do and how I do it.  Blogging is one.  Blogging and familiarity of writers doesn’t come by way of Dooce very often.  Even the popularity of Hot Chocolate Carmel Mocha, though not undeserved (she does make me laugh, a lot) is nothing to snuff at.  Julie & Julia, if you haven’t seen, is a movie of a woman that blogs about cooking through Julia Child’s cookbook; she became popular, read, published…she became a writer.

Certainly she didn’t do all the social networking necessary to gain popularity, gain readers.  She probably didn’t even elude to scandalous outings, arguments with husbands or spill the beans on the neighbors she peeked at through slightly spread drapes.  It takes a lot to get noticed in the blogosphere; and any blogger worth their weight in RSS feeds will tell you that we live on comments.

There are giveaways I’d love to do.  There are over 200 posts to read. 200 posts of other writers, bloggers that I should read, I want to read, comment on.  I’m behind.  I’m no master of social networking.  I tweet because I can and because sometimes someone listens and I don’t feel so isolated in my world if only for a moment.  Other social networking I’m not completely into, they’re convenient and again, time consuming.  I have a lot to do already in the little amount of time I have.

Though it’s not all about popularity, it’s not what I’m aiming towards, it would seem I won’t be popular.  I’m no Dooce, no Julie to be discovered.  I am a mom with too much to do.  I can’t maintain a thought for writing other posts in my mind, article ideas, thinking of the Christmas cards I have yet to begin as it feels like this whole holiday season snuck up behind me, grabbing my sides in a gesture of fun and tickles, only to jab its bony little fingers in slightly harder than intended along with an ear-piercing yelp of “Boo”.  I didn’t see it coming, and now that it’s here, I’m stuck in that frozen moment of surprise.  Spinning.

So, if I haven’t visited your blog in some time, my apologies.  If I haven’t commented or emailed, I am in my mind.  And if I’m rambling, I know it.  It’s not the first, it won’t be the last, and it’s slightly scary to see in person, so be glad you’re safely behind your computer.

How are you doing this season?

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