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7 Steps for Single Parent Success by Dwayne M. Golden, MBA

Posted Nov 01 2008 10:44pm

In our ever-changing world of technology, changing economy and even the nuts and bolts of providing for a family, single parenting leaves us with unanswered questions. The single parent questions are very common among both single parent men and women and often are like the questions below.

1. How do I provide sufficient child care for my children while working outside the home?

2. Where do I find the time to date someone when I barely get time after working all week to spend time with my children?

3. If I get the promotion is it possible to relocate since I am raising the kids by myself?

4. How can go back to school, still work part time be an effective parent
If you, or someone love has asked one or any of these questions, then I dedicate every word to you. Although I am not a single parent a lot of the people I love are, and I am excited to tell you that 7 steps laid out below can be stepping stone for your future success.

Step 1. Include your children in your important decisions at some level. Including your children is a great way to unify your family which will make you stronger during the tough times.

Step 2. Have specific quality time with each child where you focus your attention on that child (even if it is limited). This will enhance the relationship beyond what even 2 parent families often experience. This will also justify the unsolicited support for you from your child. You will find that by doing this step you will have less competition if/when you start dating someone. In essence your child/children are not as likely to feel threatened by your job, or someone you are dating when they know how important they are to you.

Step 3. Launch an achievable online business that you can do from home that will require an overwhelming amount of your time, but will require your commitment. As a business coach, I have found that my single parent clients talk about the rewards of partnering with their children to the point of having roles in the business that are appropriate for their children is priceless. I have one coaching client that no longer works outside the home and is free enough to continue to build a very strong business with her 13 year old daughter assisting her every step of the way.
A lot parents under estimate the impact of the rejection of their child's ideas or desires because of the lack of money or time is under estimated. For example:
Sorry son/daughter, you cannot go to camp this year because we just don't have the money. Maybe next year! No, maybe next time; I can't get off work for that this year No, we can't afford that! Put it back, we will get a used one or you can just wait!

Step 4. Develop yourself to new heights daily. Read and learn from someone on a daily basis that is at a higher level of thinking and living than you. Attend seminars (with your children) as often as possible to also raise the level of thinking for your children as well. Cut back on the amount of money spent in things that will bring very little value back to your family (cable tv, fast food, vanity, etc.). You will find that the money you have been spending to entertain you can be used to expand your mind which is the true answer to training your children by example.

Step 5. Compensate your children for their contributions to your business, and not for their contributions to your home. Allowance is an idea that unfortunately leaves children believing that the world owes them something because they are here, and not because they sowed seeds of success.
The best thing that any parent can do in raising their children is to give them a true picture of life by training them to sow seeds into their own future. Remember your children live in your home to and should contribute with or without pay.

Step 6. Put yourself on a 90 day mental fast to ensure the success for your family that know you deserve. A 90 day mental fast is essentially putting your time wasting habits on hold for 90 days to get your life back on track. You might find that will continue with the fast at some level.

Step 7. Establish your family goals, mission and vision together during the fasting period while you are thinking clearly. If you have made the commitment to walk through the 7 steps of success with your family contact us and we will scholarship you for one of our internet marketing trainings that take place around the country. It is known that if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time, so be sure not to overlook step 7.

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Dwayne has shown the true force behind internet marketing as a powerful income producer. He has trained many leaders in the business community and is reaching new heights with his new internet marketing company.
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