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7/17/09: Articles This Week

Posted Jul 17 2009 10:18pm

Hello Readers,

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Top Articles:

Day in the Life of a Canadian Family
See what an average day is for the teens and parents of the Daly family and how Canadian life isn’t all that different from American life.

Best YouTube Videos for Kids That Parents Can Stand
From shadow puppets to a special trip after the dentist, these videos will have both teens and parents entertained!

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Meet a Few of Our Interns
From an aspiring psychologist in California to a highschool chearleader and soon-to-be education major in Florida, our group of talented teen interns keeps growing.

Teens and the Sexual Revolution: A Positive Shift [Teen Article]
Though teen sexual activity may not be decreasing, teems seem to be safer and smarter about it.

5 Low-Budget Teen Vacations [Teen Article]
Ever thought of playing tourist in your own city? Or how about working at a summer camp? They don’t cost you a dime but you’ll still have a blast!

The New Version of the ‘Good ‘Ole Days’ [Teen Article]
The economic downturn isn’t just an issue for adults and parents, teens are just as affected.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Travels [Teen Article]
Ask your teens to help plan, but don’t plan every single minute of the trip: our well-traveled teen writer, Becca, breaks it down for us.

Sexting 101 for Parents [Guest Post]
Blogger and communication expert AJ Kumar explains the consequences of this new phenomenon, and how to talk to your teens about it.

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